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It’s that time of year again. Where we celebrate all that we did, and assess the things we didn’t do. After years of creating fitness programming and training plans, I created The Challenge program to bring like-minded people together, and to guide and educate them on how to make positive, healthy change in their lives.

It started with a small community of people, and has grown to hundreds of people just like you, who are all trying to balance the demands of life with living a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Challenge 2018 is more than just a challenge. It’s a annual membership and here is how it works…

We Set Goals

We start the year off with learning how to set realistic goals and create a vision for the year. Then, together, we’ll break it down, and put action into the vision throughout the year. Through this process, you learn how to define your goals and we’ll provide tools that will help you break them down and one by one, achieve them.

We Keep Things Fresh, Motivating and Educational

Along the way, you’ll be inspired by fitness challenges to motivate you to reach beyond your limits and improve your fitness, strength, and performance with

Change happens in time. Small changes repeated, create new healthy habits. You’ll learn to shift your behavior one healthy habit at a time. We’ll focus on improving our sleep, nutrition, mental, emotional, how we organize our lives and more.

Plus, every quarter, I design a new strength and flexibility workout to improve strength and flexibility and keep your program fresh.

We Motivate You to Workout Consistently.

The National Parks Challenge will motivate you to exercise at least 30 minutes most days of the week! The goal is to move virtually through the U.S. National Parks and earn badges and see if you can reach Park Ranger status! You’ll earn points for every day that you exercise at least 30 minutes continuously (ex. running, walking, cycling, yoga, elliptical and more…). You’ll keep track of your journey with our online log and track your success along the way.

We Support You Like a Best Friend.

Once you register and become a Challenger, you have access to hundreds of people just like you in the private Facebook group. You’ll share the journey through 2018 with The Challenger Nation, a community of like-minded, judgement-free people who are there for you every step of the way.

We Give.

And that’s not all folks…part of your Challenge 2018 Membership will go to supporting non-profits and civic organizations every month. Together, we will support over twelve charity organizations, allowing us to support others, along our journey to bettering ourselves.

As you make your way through the end of 2017, celebrate all that you’ve achieved, and become a Challenger. I look forward to connecting with you in the group, coaching you to reach your goals, and make fit happen.

Join today and save $10 on The Challenge 2018 Membership

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  • Betty Collins says:

    Would you say this group can work for me? I am 62 years old and in 1998 I went from casual running around the lake to training for marathon (Jan/1999) on a rigorous schedule. I got injured, so my first marathon was running for the first 4 miles and limping back to the car. I went for the experience, the expo and to meet John Bingham, as I had been highly motivated by his column in Runner’s mag. He was very gracious!
    I continued on with my training and in 1999 and 2000 I was very fit, running on a schedule, working out, eating great (measuring my grams of protein + fat + carbs), meditating every day, feeling great, healthy, happy and able to conquer the world and handle anything . Then life happened.
    I needed to start a new life on my own. Things didn’t turn out quite as planned and I got into a deep depression. Throughout the next 10 years I ran off and on, got into hiking and backpacking for a few years, and then I got hit with a series of negative life events and failures that took me a long time to get past, or at least put in the past.
    For some reason, I cannot keep the motivation up and consistency going long enough to get past that first hard part. I don’t know if I give up, but I can give you a lot of reasons “why I didn’t run today”.
    It’s is now the eve of 2018 and I know that my health is failing and I need to kick my butt into gear! I am highly motivated to run again, but I just cannot seem to take that first step. Throughout my life I was my own motivator, with the help of positive influences, such as the articles I read and now the positive FaceBook community. But is seems like in this stage of my life I am requiring something more than what has worked for me in the past.
    Your group sounds like it has the sections that I need, but are there enough people in it that I can identify with, that will be more on my level and I can feel a connection with? It used to be I could put on a Penguin T-Shirt and just put one foot in front of the other. I am lost now. If I really knew what I needed I that would help, but I seem to be missing something that was natural to me for all those years.
    What do you think?
    I appreciate your comments,

  • Hello BeBe. Thank you for sharing your story. I can guarantee you will fit in with the Challenge Nation. There are plenty of Penguin fans (myself included 🙂 and folks that walk, run-walk, run, and more. We set our intentions and goals together at the first of the year, and then we challenge and support each other to make good on those goals. Join us – it will motivate you to get started and we will help you create a new running routine in 2018! Join us at the following link and use the code MakeItHappen2018 to save $10 (code expires Dec 31st). https://www.jennyhadfield.com/join-the-challenge/

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