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2014 Boston MarathonUniversal Sports Network is the Exclusive National TV Home of the Boston Marathon

Finish Line Web Cam to Capture All Runners on Race Day

On Monday, April 21, 2014, the world will run as one with the City of Boston for the 118th running of the Boston Marathon. Universal Sports Network will provide exclusive LIVE national coverage of Boston’s legendary event from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET.

Leading up to the race, Universal Sports will broadcast a LIVE Preview Show from the finish line on Boylston Street featuring analysis of the elite field and live interviews on Saturday, April 19, from 4 to 6 p.m. ET.

In addition to LIVE television coverage, will live-stream the Boston Marathon, and also feature a “Finish Line Web Cam” that shows all runners as they cross the finish line.

On race day, the Finish Line Web Cam will be live on the homepage so that family members and supporters who can’t be in Boston can cheer on their loved ones. Learn how to find a runner on the Finish Line Web Cam here.

After the race, the video will be made available so that runners can search their time to relive their marathon finish. The web cam will go live on at 10:30 AM ET on April 21 just prior to the push-rim wheelchair division finishers.




Universal Sports Network Schedule:  2014 Boston Marathon
Subject to change – all times Eastern.
Saturday, April 19       
4 – 6 p.m. ET – 2014 Boston Marathon Preview Show-LIVE

Monday, April 21   
8:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. ET – 2014 Boston Marathon-LIVE
10:30 a.m. ET – Finish Line Web Cam goes LIVE on
4 – 5 p.m. ET – 2014 Boston Marathon Wrap-Up Show-LIVE
8 and 11 p.m. ET – 2014 Boston Marathon (Encore Presentation)

Universal Sports will be available nationwide via free preview on all of its distribution partners from April 14-21. To find Universal Sports on your channel finder, please visit

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How to Train for Your Personal Best Running Race Fri, 04 Apr 2014 23:20:36 +0000 Q:  I started running a few years ago and have finished a few 5ks and even a half marathon!  I […]

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Q:  I started running a few years ago and have finished a few 5ks and even a half marathon!  I love running with my girlfriends at these events, but lately I’ve had the urge to really race, to go for a personal best, to feel like a real runner!  Do you have any tips on how I should approach my training or racing differently? — Lynn 

You’re on the perfect track for dialing it up a notch to improve finish times, as you have the most important ingredient to do so, a foundation of miles.  The miles you’ve put in over the past few years provides a solid foundation from which you can build on to achieve your faster finish time goals.  The key to improving performance is to think in the long term and evolve your inner faster runner gradually.  When you do, you’ll enjoy your training and racing, stay healthy and motivated and continue to improve along the way.  Here are some key strategies for shifting to a race-based running plan.

Start from where you are.  We live in a microwave culture where everything happens within seconds, but that is not how running works.  It takes time to improve and when you invest in taking an inventory of your running routine and life schedule, you gain the information needed to progress.  All too often runners jump on the latest training plan to improve performance, however if your base of mileage and life schedule don’t accommodate the plan, burn out, fatigue and injury can be the result.   Knowing where you are now running wise informs you on where your starting point is.  From here, you can plug yourself into a training plan that closely matches your routine and build from there.  For instance, if you’re running three times per week for 3-5 miles, you’ll want to find a plan that included 3-4 runs per week and starts out at 4-6 miles per workout and builds from there.  That way you start from where you are and gradually increase.

Evolve.  I learned from 50K American World Record Holder Josh Cox, that the secret to running personal records is to evolve like a fine wine – in time.  When asked how he trained to beat the World Record, he replied, “I started in high school and built up my miles, experience and strategies through college and my professional running career.  None of it came to me overnight.  I’ve been training for this race for years.”  We mortal runners can be quite hard on ourselves when our times don’t improve, but just because your time doesn’t improve, doesn’t mean your running hasn’t.   Allow yourself time to evolve your training, learn how to race, and base your improvement on performance rather than just finish time.  As you can win a race, but not improve your times.

Create a balanced recipe that flows with your life.  The number one mistake I see many runners make is to run the majority of their workouts in what I affectionately call “la la land” or the effort where you’re running too hard to be considered easy or recovery, and too easy to be considered hard.  It’s no woman’s land and it feels good to run there.  But if you spend all your time there, you end up at a performance plateau.  Balance your running routine with a variety of ingredients including easy recovery runs, hard intervals and tempo workouts, long, slow endurance, and race effort workouts.  When you ebb and flow with hard and easy workouts during the week you will recover, adapt and improve.  If you push the pace of your recovery runs, you’ll delay recovery and effect the quality of your next workout.  This takes patience and tenacity as it’s hard to run truly easy and easy to run hard.  An easy way to accomplish this is to train with a friend that is slower than you for your easy runs and a friend that is a little faster for the harder workouts.  You’ll stay motivated and get in your social time too.

Train by your body rather than your watch.  The second most common training and racing mistake I see in my coaching practice is to train by a number or pace.  It appeases your mind, but rarely correlates to your body.  The body knows effort, not pace and therefore the secret to improved running and life performance is to tune into your body and let effort be your guide.  For instance, if you estimate based on a 10K race you ran four weeks ago in the cool weather that your easy run should be a 9:30 pace.  You head out for an easy recovery run on a humid day after not sleeping the night before and you end up running in the red zone (hard) which compromises your interval workout two days later.  It simply doesn’t work because it’s not tied to the most important element – your body.  Your over-thinking mind is happy, your body isn’t.   If you went out for that same recovery run and trained by effort and feel, you might run at 10:00 minute pace, but you would be in the optimal zone for that workout and maintain your training flow and purpose.  Train by your body, keep it simple and tune in.  When I coach, I use three zones; yellow, orange and red.  The yellow zone is for easy, recovery and long endurance runs, orange is for tempo and race effort and the red is for intervals.  It’s doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that.  (really).  Focus on your body and know the signs of each zone; yellow equals happy effort where you can talk about who’s winning America’s got Talent.  The orange zone start to get your attention a little.  You can hear your breath, but you’re not gasping for air.  It comfortably hard, but you can still talk in words not sentences.  And the red zone girlfriends – is actually the way it sounds – hard.  You can hold it for minutes, your breath is labored and you can’t talk.  Train by your body, in the optimal zones and with purpose and you’ll reach places you never thought you could.

Keep track.  Just like Josh Cox, you are on a journey to setting personal records.  Every season will lead to improved performance and learning what works for your body and life schedule.  Keep a log online or old school on paper.  Track your workouts, pace, mood, speed, terrain, weather, shoes, nutrition, sleep, stress levels and life schedule.  All of these variables effect the flow of your training and how your body adapts along the way.  As you train and track the information, you’ll begin to see patterns that can be adjusted.  For instance, after training hard on Monday mornings, you notice your mood, energy levels and performance is off and so is your sleep from the weekend.   You decide to shift the hard workout to Tuesdays and cross-training to Monday to accommodate your life schedule.  Use the flow of information to stay in tune with how your body is adapting to the training routine and develop a recipe that is tailored to what works best for you.

Pace yourself.  Go with a race day strategy that is based on effort versus pace.  I know, this is a hard one so I’ll share a story.  I was speaking at the Cleveland Marathon Expo about pacing by feel and effort when a nice woman named Tish told me a story about earning a personal record.  She mentioned she was following my pacing strategy of Zone Racing (Yellow, Orange Red), but still used a speed distance monitor to keep track of the miles.  On her way out to a race, she dropped her watch and had to race without one at all.  What happened when her mind didn’t know the exact details of every inch of the course?  She earned herself a 12-minute personal record!  She ran by her body, by effort and raced stronger than her mind would have allowed.  Let go of the devices, try to race by feel and see what you think.  It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use these training devices, it simply means they should be the outcome or information, rather than your guide.  Take the timeless challenge and race by zone and by feel.  Here’s how…break the race distance into three equal parts.  Run the first part in the yellow or happy zone, the second in the moderate orange zone and finish the final third in the orangish-red zone.   Personal records come from smart and patient training, conservative pacing, and on good hair days.  If you walk out the door to the start line and your hair looks like Rozanne-Razanna-Danna – it’s not going to be a personal record day.  If it’s a good hair day, it’s a great racing day.  You can still run strong on challenging days and finish for the win.

Get specific.  Train to specificity and simulate the terrain you’ll race on.  If you’re racing on a rolling course, incorporate hills in your training.  If you’re racing on a trail, invest at least 50% of your time off road.  The more you tailor your training to the specifics of the race terrain and elements, the more familiar these conditions will feel as you race.

Train with a group.  Research has shown that when runners train within a group they can both run harder and longer.   This is important for the long endurance runs as well as the harder speed workouts.  Training with a group can help support your efforts and improve your performance.  Plus, it’s a great way to meet new faster friends!

Hire a coach.  Working with a coach can speed the rate of your improvement two-fold as they can evaluate your training regimen and create a plan based on your fitness and goals and plug it into your busy life schedule.  Look for coaches that are certified and experienced.   I offer a personal coaching program to a limited number of runners.  Learn more about my Personal Coaching Plan by emailing me here.

And finally, share your goals with your running friends as it may be that you’ll need to shift your workouts, run alone on race day and modify your routine together.  Communicating your goals will avoid hurt feelings and sticky race situations and build a support system for achieving your goals.  Who knows, it may even inspire them to train to race too!

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How to Maintain Fitness While You’re Injured Wed, 12 Feb 2014 17:51:29 +0000 Q: “As a longtime runner (30 years and counting!) I’ve had my fair share of injuries (knee, IT band, foot, […]

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Q: “As a longtime runner (30 years and counting!) I’ve had my fair share of injuries (knee, IT band, foot, hamstring)—both caused by running and by accidents. I’m sane enough to stay away from running while recovering, it drives me crazy to sit in one place. What are the best exercises a woman can do when she’s recovering? ~ Dawn

You’re a wise runner and it shows from your question and your years of experience.  Although rest used to be the primary prescription post aches, pains and injury, the current methods for rehab include dynamic rest.  Research suggests a modified plan of movement improves your emotional status, maintains fitness and aids in efficient recovery versus passive rest.

The key is to modify your exercise routine based on the four types of aches, pains or injury.  The type of active recovery depends on the degree of the injury, and unless you’ve experienced an acute injury (car accident, sprained ankle…), most aches and pains progress in intensity over time.  This is important to know because we can reduce the incidence of more serious chronic injuries by tuning into our bodies and modifying workouts when the yellow flag rises.

Once you feel the onset of an ache, use this chart to evaluate what type or level you’re at and modify your exercise routine based on what your body is telling you.  In many cases investing in just a little dynamic rest decreases the likelihood of the ache turning into a full-fledged injury.

As you develop your dynamic recovery plan keep in mind that if anything hurts, avoid the activity and try something else.  Pushing through pain can exacerbate the injury as well as cause new pain from compensating your form.

If the pain doesn’t heal, modify your plan progressively – for instance, if you have a Type 1 pain and modify your routine based on the recommendations below and still have pain a few weeks later, further modify to the Type 2 or 3 dynamic recovery plan.

If you are feeling the symptoms of a Type 3 or 4 injury, you’ve passed the tipping point and it is best to seek medical advice as a diagnosis is the fastest way to recovery.

Type I:

Feels like: Mild discomfort only after the run.

Dynamic Recovery:  Continue to run on flat terrain with reduced intensity and distance as long as there isn’t pain present.  Weave in lower impact cross-training every other day for higher intensity workouts as long as there is no pain present.  Focus on light flexibility, muscle release (foam rolling, massage), and strengthening work.

Type II:

Feels like: Mild discomfort is felt during and after the run but it doesn’t cause you to alter your stride (limp).  The symptoms are no worse post run.

Dynamic Recovery:  Cross-train with lower impact activities at an easy to moderate effort levels for 5-7 days. If pain gradually subsides continue to cross-train until you can run without altering your stride and start back with easy effort running on flat terrain.  Start back with short bouts of running to test the waters.  One easy way to do this is to combine cross-training with 5-10 minutes of running in the same workout.  (eg.Elliptical for 20 minutes + 10 minutes of running).  This is an effective way to build running time back up with less risk of going too far too soon and aggravate the injury.  Focus on light flexibility, muscle release (foam rolling, massage), and strengthening work.

Type III:

Feels like:  Pain is present during and after the run and restricts activity.  Runner can no longer run without pain or altering their stride.

Dynamic Recovery:  Cross-train at easy-to moderate efforts with non-weight bearing activities.  In some cases, non-impact, weight bearing activity like the elliptical machine or ElliptiGO bike are healthy options if no pain exists.  When you cross this threshold, it’s definitely time to seek medical advice for specific treatment.  They will also guide you in developing a recovery plan with exercises that will help build strength where there is weakness and flexibility and range of motion where there is tightness.

Type IV:

Feels like: Chronic, unremitting pain.   At this point you may be in a cast and recovering from a stress fracture or muscle tear.

Dynamic Recovery:  Consult with your doctor or physical therapist – go with activities that are non-weight bearing in the initial phase of recovery (swimming, water running, cycling, upper body ergometer, rowing).  As you begin to heal, progress to non-impact, weight bearing activity like the elliptical machine.  Several Olympic runners trained on the ElliptiGO while recovering from stress fractures and were able to maintain a high degree of fitness and heal relatively quickly.  Working with your doctor on a dynamic recovery plan is the best way to find what’s best for you without risking further injury or delayed healing.

Suggested exercises for cardio, flexibility and strength.  Start with gentle static stretches and light foam rolling (without pain) and as it heals, progress to more dynamic specific flexibility and strength exercises.  The higher the grade of injury (1-4) the more gradual and gentle the recovery process goes.


Flexibility – Foam roll and stretch hip flexors, quads, hamstrings, glutes

Strength – Planks, multi-directional lunges, squats,

Cardio – Upper body cardio(rowing, ergonmeter), pool running, swimming, (cycling or elliptical unless you have pain)


Flexibility – None until pain-free walking, then gentle hamstring and gluteal stretches in pain-free range, foam roll quads, hips, and glutes

Strength – Once pain free, hip raise/bridge, hip extension, hamstring curl,

Cardio – Upper body cardio, circuit core work


Flexibility – foam rolling the ITB, lower outside of the thigh and hips

Strength – include strength work for glutes and hips (squats, single-leg squats, hip raise/bridge, lateral band walks, single leg balance)

Cardio – Elliptical, swimming, rowing, cycling

Foot Pain:

Flexibility – Gently stretch calf, roll tennis ball under the foot and foam roll the calves

Strength –  foot and ankle strengthening exercises, *AFX Ankle Foot Maximizer

Cardio – Swimming, rowing, cycling, and in some cases elliptical


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Three Fat Blasting 20-Minute Running Workouts Thu, 30 Jan 2014 21:04:56 +0000 Q: “I’m a dedicated runner, but with three kids and a full time job, I just don’t have time to […]

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Running on PathQ: “I’m a dedicated runner, but with three kids and a full time job, I just don’t have time to fit in all the workouts. If I only have 15 or 20 minutes for a run, can I still get a worth while workout? What are a few workouts that I can do when I’m crunched on time to get the best bang for my minutes?” ~ Cara

Quality always trumps quantity, in fact you’ll be quite surprised at how much you can gain and maintain by running these three express workouts.  Mix and match with longer, easy effort runs when you can or go with all three on alternate days (M – W – F).

But first a few key rules to know before you go.

  • Always invest the allotted time to warm up walking.  You’ll start with a brisk walk, transition to a power walk then run to fully prepare your body for the high intensity workout ahead.  Skimping on the warm up can increase the risk of aches, pains and injuries.
  • Cool down and let your heart rate and circulation return to it’s resting rate.  You can do so on the way to the shower and stretch while you’re conditioning – just avoid going from 100 to zero.
  •  Let your body be your guide.  Running harder isn’t about running at a magic pace, but rather an effort on that given day.  Avoid the pace trap and you’ll get the most from every workout.  Some days you’ll run like Wonder Woman, other days it will be slower.  The key is to run by your breath and body and go with what the day brings.  You’ll avoid over or under running and gain a keen sense of your inner GPS.
  • If you are new to high intensity running workouts, start with one of these workouts per week and see how your body responds.  You can fill in the gaps with short, easy effort runs.  They will help you maintain your momentum, recover optimally and progress to running more harder workouts per week.  In other words, if you’re beat after one of these workouts, take time to run easy and short to heal before you run hard again.  Your body will pay you in dividends by growing stronger faster!

The 12-Minute Tempo

Research shows runner’s high comes to us via an effort level that is just outside our comfort zone and this workout will get you there on an express flight.  The secret is to avoid running this one too hard.  It’s not an interval workout – focus on running at an effort just outside your comfort zone where you can speak in words, but not sentences.  This works well on flat roads, trails or the treadmill.

  • Warm up walking three minutes starting at an easy effort and building to a brisk power walk.
  • Run at an easy effort for five minutes.
  • 12 minutes – Dial up the speed to an effort where you can’t speak easily or just outside your comfort zone.  You should hear your breath, but not be at a place where you are gasping for air (that is for the next workout).
  • Walk it out until you catch your breath and toss in a few flexibility exercises for extra credit (you can do so in the shower).

The One-Minute Wonder!

This one looks easy, but it will kick your spirits into high gear and quickly!  Keep a lid on the speed on this one – we’re out to run hard, but not at super hero speeds.  Contrary to belief, it doesn’t have to kill you to make an impact.

  • Warm up walking three minutes starting at an easy effort and building to a brisk power walk.
  • Run at an easy effort for five minutes.
  • 1 minute – run at a hard, but controlled effort.  You’ll know you’re in the right zone if you’re counting the seconds until you can recover.  You shouldn’t look like your pants are on fire (out of control) – more like you’re running the final few hundred feet of a race.
  • 1 minute – recover and catch your breath by walking or very easy jogging.  If you need more than one minute to catch your breath – take it.
  • Repeat a total of six times.
  • Walk it out until you catch your breath and toss in a few flexibility exercises for extra credit (you can do so in the shower).

The Butt Blaster

What’s better than burning a ton of calories and strengthening your backside in the same workout? Nothing… The key is to avoid thinking you’re climbing Mount Everest and instead run rolling hills (1-4%).  You’ll be able to maintain good form and therefore better gains by doing so.

  • Warm up walking three minutes starting at an easy effort and building to a brisk power walk.
  • Run at an easy effort for three minutes.
  • 1 minute – Increase the incline on the treadmill or find a short hill in your neighborhood – stairs or step bench work well too. (start with 1-2% and build from there).  Run at an effort that feels hard, but controlled versus an all out sprinting effort.
  • 2 minutes – recover by easy jogging or walking on flat terrain.  The goal is to catch your breath – if needed, start with walking to recover and build to an easy jog in time.  The secret to gaining the most is to recover well so you can run with consistent strength and stamina.  As you gain fitness, reduce the time of the recovery to no less than 1 minute.  A good way to do so is to listen to your breath and when you’ve recovered enough to talk, it’s time for another hill or stair repeat.
  • Repeat this four times and walk it out a few minutes to cool down.


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The 10 Commandments of New Year’s Resolutions Sun, 29 Dec 2013 16:51:01 +0000 I learned a great deal about resolutions during the early part of my professional career.  I spent ten years implementing […]

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NewYearsI learned a great deal about resolutions during the early part of my professional career.  I spent ten years implementing “New Year – New You” motivational programs geared to get employees moving and grooving after a long holiday season.

The programs were successful – for some, but not for nearly 80% of the participants.  That’s right, only 20% of the people achieved the 6-week goal of moving regularly.   You may be witness to this effect at your own gym.  It’s the season where you can’t run on your favorite treadmill because there is a long line of people waiting.  And five weeks later, it’s all yours again because they fade into the distance.

Rather than focus on lighting a fire under the majority of people, I spent my time observing the habits of the people that were making healthy change and came up with this list of things that made them all highly successful resolution achievers.

1.  Make it personal.  A resolution is the act of making change, and that only happens when you lean into something that really matters to you.

2.  Simplify.  You don’t need flashy clothes, expensive equipment or a complicated plan – you just need to take action, get moving and make it fit your lifestyle.

3.  Be realistic.   It’s okay to think big, as long as you start small.  The number one reason for resolution drop out is launching into doing too much, too soon and making too drastic a transition from where you were when you started.   Start with getting in one workout, and then focus on the next and the next.  Focus on what you can do today, and go from there.

4.  Go deeper.  Avoid pinning your target on a number.  Losing 25 pounds, finishing the race 10 minutes faster – these are all external outcomes.  Wrap your goal around something intimate and achievable like sleeping more hours, weaving clean foods slowly into your diet, improving your pacing skill to finish stronger.  It’s not about a number – it’s about a deeper quality of life.  When you focus inward, the outcomes happen naturally.

5.  Think evolution not revolution. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a fitness goal.   You can build a stick house in a day, but it will only protect you until the very first storm hits.  Don’t get caught up in all the short-term hype – invest in the long term.

6.  Start when you’re ready.   There is not clause stating you must start when everyone else does on January 2nd.   Make your plan, put it on your calendar and start when you’re ready.

7.  Be open.  Listen to what speaks to you along the way.  You may find that new Zumba class you’re taking keeps your body from aching and adds a fresh spin on the old plan.  Create your own recipe along the way and move outside the lines.  You’ll avoid burnout and have more fun (and want to do it again and again).

8.  Find your flow.  As much as we like to believe our bodies are linear-progressing super heroes, the truth is we’re like the seasons.  We ebb and flow through peaks and valleys of energy.  Move with the rhythm of your personal flow and you’ll make the most of every workout.  That means running by feel rather than a pace. Some days you’ll be faster, some days you’ll be slower.  It’s not about a pace – it’s about moving at the right effort on that day.

9.  Connect.  People that move together evolve together.   They go longer, run stronger and have a lot of fun along the way.  Join a buddy or group – you’ll learn a lot, have a built accountability resource and a set of healthy role modeling friends.

10.  Celebrate.  Be mindful along the way.  The true gifts of making serious change in your life are the quiet moments when you realize you feel better, move more easily and you’re running in tune with the rhythm of your life.

Happy New Year!

Did you know Coach Jenny offers a personal coaching program?  She will evaluate your current fitness, talk through your goals, develop training plans customized to your goals and life schedule and guide you all the way.  Interested in coaching with her?  Email her a request for more information here.

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The Fat Blaster Treadmill Workout Wed, 27 Nov 2013 20:33:53 +0000 Looking to lose weight and boost your metabolism?  Running short on time?  Need to spice up your exercise regimen? The […]

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Looking to lose weight and boost your metabolism?  Running short on time?  Need to spice up your exercise regimen?

icons_plan_120x120_jenny_hadfield_treadmill_2_1The Fat Blaster Treadmill Workout will do just that and more!  This workout is all about burning fat, torching calories and making the most of your time.

It starts with a thorough two-step warm-up including walking and running and then builds to a high intensity with eight 30-40 second sprint intervals followed by a recovery and finishes with a walking cool down.

And – it’s a free download from now through December 31, 2013.  Simply download the PEAR Sports app, download the free Fat Blaster Workout and get started today!

Here’s how to download the app:

  1. Download the Pear Sports Training Intelligence App for iPhone here.  (It’s free).
  2. Download the Pear Sports Training Intelligence App for Android here.
  3. Open the Pear App on your iPhone or Android phone and set up your account (name, age…).
  4. Press “Workouts” on the App screen.
  5. Press “Plan Store” on the bottom of the screen.
  6. Press “Coach” and then press Jenny Hadfield (moi).
  7. Scroll through my audio workouts until you see the “Fat Blaster Level 1 Workout.”
  8. Press one and then hit “get this.”
  9. It’s that simple, and it’s free until December 31, 2013!
  10. You can set it up to listen to your music along the way too!

Get started and download the app for the iPhone here.

Download the app for the Android here.

Plus, there are three levels of the Fat Blaster Treadmill Workouts.  You can download levels 1, 2 and 3 for free until December 31, 2013.

Happy holidays.

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21 Holiday Gifts that Will Make Every Runner Smile Sat, 23 Nov 2013 15:17:56 +0000 Gifts that celebrate a runner’s passion continue to give for miles. Whether you’re shopping for the runner in your life […]

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Gifts that celebrate a runner’s passion continue to give for miles. Whether you’re shopping for the runner in your life or looking for ideas for your personal holiday wish list, this year’s holiday guide features gifts that help you perform better, inspire, recover and celebrate every runner. Happy holidays.


PEAR Sports – Fitness Training App for iPhone and Android – Real-Time Audio Coaching – $99.99 Save 30% with code (jennyholiday)

iOS Android mobileUnlike any other fitness product on the market, PEAR’s patent pending proprietary technology guides users step-by-step, and provides real-time audio coaching based on the user’s heart rate and desired fitness objective. What does this mean? Simply put: Strap on the bluetooth heart-rate monitor, pop in the included Stride headphones, do a simple 20 minute calibration so PEAR knows current fitness level.

Choose from hundreds of training plans and individual workouts (I’d recommend one of my Coach Jenny running workouts!) and hit start. A coach will audibly guide you through your workouts based on your body’s response to the workout! No more guessing, no more wondering if you’re training in the right zones… just workout, and a coach will tell you what to do. It’s as if I’m workout out right along side you!

And for $99 ($69 with the code), it’s cheaper than almost any tracking device on the market and provides so much more. You can’t go wrong here! SHOP HERE.

Brooks Adapt II Running Gloves $50

280230_483_f_ZMWhen a run takes a turn for the cold and misty, the easily stowed water-resistant windshield in this glove helps you adjust. Plus, ample reflectivity and a detachable LED light give piece of mind when light is low. These are my go-to winter gloves because they are packed with all the must-have functions for a winter runner’s gloves – detachable LED flashlight on right hand, lightweight, stowable windshield, retro-reflective detail, touchscreen-compatible finger pads and a terry towel on thumb. SHOP HERE.


AFX Foot and Ankle Strengthener $99

afxA personal trainer for your feet. Why is that important? Because with stronger feet and ankles, comes dramatic improvements in form, efficiency and the reduction of injuries. This is an absolute must-have tool (and perfect gift) for those who struggle with foot, leg and hip issues, those who are transitioning to less shoe (minimalist) and anyone who wants to improve their form authentically. SHOP HERE.


Skirt Sports Ice Queen Ultra Skirt $135

SkirtSportsThey had me at “Queen,” this dynamic cold weather skirt-tight duo keeps my back side warm even on the coldest Chicago winter mornings and keeps me in style for my post run breakfast ritual with the girls. Added bennies include windproof, water-resistant panels in the skirt and leggings to block the cold wind, two convenient pockets on the leggings, one on the skirt, reflectivity on the zippers and a secret drawcord to cinch a customizable inseam length! SHOP HERE.


NextDesk – The Future of the Desk $897

nd-terra-lightThe desk as we know it has been re-invented. NextDesk is elegant, sustainable, and adjustable. Simply push the soft touch button and watch the NextDesk glide seamlessly from standing to sitting so smoothly you won’t ripple your morning cup of Joe. With over 200 possible height positions it’s easy to find the perfect ergonomic working position.  Standing just 15 minutes per hour has been shown to improve posture, energy, metabolism and creativity (and reduce aches and pains related to sitting for long periods of time). And it’s a work of art. Made in the U.S.A. from sustainable materials, choose from three colors of natural bamboo or recycled aluminum, and a variety of shapes and sizes. A powerful work tool to improve your life performance. SHOP HERE.

DeLorme inReach SE $299

inreachse_m01The gadget for the adventure runner. It’s part GPS, part app, part Satellite communicator, and incredibly easy to use. I used it while running Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon. I used the mapping app that is synced to my iPhone to navigate the trail, I used it to text my crew for planning our celebration dinner, and posted my location and progress on Twitter and Facebook along the way. It’s a must-have device for those that wander off the beaten path. Someone will always know where you are, even if you don’t. SHOP HERE.




Remi Glass Tea Mug with Stainless Steel Indfuser $19.95

shoppingA Teavana exclusive, this mug houses a stainless steel tea infuser wrapped with a colorful green silicone band which helps to keep the edges cool for easy removal after brewing. This cup is made of borosilicate glass which is stronger and more heat resistant than traditional glassware, while still appearing light and airy. Holds 14oz (414mL) of tea. Dishwasher safe. Include a sample of Teavana Loose Leaf White Tea to make this gift extra special. SHOP HERE.


Zents Holiday Gift - $46

ZENTS Ore Holiday SetA citrusy top note of bergamot, heady heart notes of orris, violet, and jasmine, and deep base notes of bay laurel, clove, and black pepper make this sexy and intoxicating scent perfect for your wild side. Zents products are made with the purest of ingredients from around the world and free from parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl/eth sulfate, propylene glycol, or dyes and cruelty free. The clean theme inspired me to try Zents products, but the warm, intoxicating scents keeps me using them daily. The Zents line includes soap, lotion, body oil, perfume, shampoo and conditioner and bath salts. SHOP HERE.

Picky Bars – Three Bars/$9

picky_bars_website_logoYou’re only as strong as the quality of your recovery and nutrition is a core element in healing. Enter Picky Bars. By far the most tasty, clean and healthy bar I’ve ever eaten. Made by professional athletes Lauren Fleshman, Stephanie Rothstein and Jesse Thomas for athletes that want to eat goodness with great taste. They currently are made in three flavors; Lauren’s Mega Nuts, All In Almond and Nutless Wonder. Gluten free. Dairy free. Real food. Natural energy. You will taste their passion in every bite. SHOP HERE.


NormaTech Recovery System $1,750 (Special Holiday Sale $1595 includes shipping through December 31, 2013)

243201LTrain harder. Recover faster. Perform better. Enhance your everyday recovery and take your performance to the next level with the NormaTech Recovery System. Originally developed for medical use, NormaTech is a pneumatic compression device that applies dynamic compression that simulates the body’s normal physiological system. The system comes with a pair of soft boots that attach to a small generator pump via tubes that force air into the boots. The unique and customizable compression reduces post training or race swelling and improves circulation leading to faster, more efficient recovery – all while the athlete reads, work or relaxes on the couch. It’s also fantastic for post travel recovery. SHOP HERE.


Olivita Virgin Olive Citrus Hand Wash $12.99

liquidsoap1-370x370A luxurious hand care product packed with love. Olivita is made with a natural olive oil blend to clean and moisturize without parabens, detergents, sulfates or frangrances. It feels as good as it sounds and smells even better. Bonus points > each Olivita product is hand packed lovingly by single young mothers who attend evening classes to pursue their dreams and happiness. SHOP HERE.





The Aqua Zinger $25.99

aquazing-sp-blueThe Aqua Zinger infuses citrus, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, mint, and more into your water – making vitamin enriched and great tasting water – naturally. Mix and match and get creative with your water recipes – it’s amazing how a few strawberries can enhance the flavor of water! I was shocked at how much I loved it and continue to play with water recipes. It reminds me to hydrate during the day and allows me to be creative along the way. Also available: CitrusZinger, VodkaZinger and SaladZinger. SHOP HERE.

Life Sitting Gift Certificate [Free!]

This is the perfect gift if you’re on a strict budget but want to support the busy running parent, caregiver, animal lover in your life. Give the gift of time and babysit for their loved ones so they can run, train or travel to a race. It costs nothing but time and they’ll remember it for a lifetime.

The GRID Mini Foam Roller $24.99

GRID-Mini-Multiple-LargeThey had me at “mini.” It’s no secret I’m a fan of the Grid Foam Roller and the Mini makes foam rolling easier on the road. It has all the bennies of the standard size Grid, but comes in a compact size perfect for travel. Featuring three Foam Density Zones, it provides a unique targeted massage to increase circulation and help maintain flexibility. At 5″ tall by 5.5″ diameter, The GRID™ Mini attaches to any gym bag, backpack, or can easily fit inside your suitcase. Shop here.


Personal Savers $12.95

combo_package_main_storeGive the gift of safety with the portable answer to pepper spray. The Personal Savers Wrist Saver was created by professional inline skaters after having several run-in’s with aggressors on their training workouts. The minute you strap it on your wrist, you know it was made by an athlete. It’s light, easy and comfortable to wear. I never leave home without it.


Yaktrax $40

runI wore Yaktrax in the Antarctica Marathon and through many Chicago winters and they continue to keep me vertical, on my feet and improve my form and confidence on wintery runs! They are lightweight and easy to put over your running shoes and a must-have piece of gear for safe winter running.



Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle $22.99

lifefactory_22oz_raspstraw_lg_matte_392_500_matte_160_200The perfect choice for those who are looking for clean alternatives in their health. This is my go-to water bottle in my office, on the go and in my yoga practice. Healthy and responsible, Lifefactory bottles are BPA-free, dishwasher safe, comes in a variety of cute colors and has survived several accidental drops. They are available with a narrow mouth Flip Cap, wide mouth Classic Cap and a new straw cap. SHOP HERE.




Go Motion Lites $49.95

00_CoreLiteLooking for a comfortable lite for your dark runs, ultra races or relay events? Look no further. GoMotion Light with CoreBeam technology is a body mounted light source and incorporates a high output, low profile LED with multiple functions including adjustable beam angle, wide ranging beam width control, and three brightness levels. GoMotion lights are attached to performance packs, vests and belts and made of breathable mesh and high-tech fabrics for comfort, stability and flexibility. SHOP HERE.

GoPro Hero - $199

white-edition-holiday-c371fac33205141de9d72e3729ba866fWhether you’re hitting the scenic trails in a national park or running on the Vegas strip, the GoPro Hero (and optional chest strap) allows you to easily shoot HD video and 11 megapixel photos at a rate of 10 pics per second. The most versatile camera in the world, GoPro offers a line of wearable and gear-mountable cameras and accessories which made it easy for me to shoot and run on the Rim to Rim Trail in the Grand Canyon and along the highly technical terrain in the Inca Trail Marathon. It comes with a waterproof case, weighs next to nothing and allows for hands free shooting. If you’re into capturing the running memories – this is a must –have! SHOP HERE.

PowerCap – $29.99

tmb2_000070They had me at LED…I have a small museum of headlamps that have lit my way through early morning runs in the dark, late night races and power outages. This clever device combines light with a stylish tech hat so you can wear your light in a lightweight easy to wear option. The hat sports wicking fabrics and a performance headband and there are four LEDs that provide more than 48 Lumens and concealed under the brim so it looks normal until you power it on! The LEDs are aimed forward to light up where you’re going up to 72 feet away and provide up to 68 hours of life. SHOP HERE.


Jewelry for Running Yogi’s – The ‘Om’ Medallion $50

279L_2A calming yoga pendant reminds me to stay focused on my breath, my movement and my mat. Yoga continues to lead me to better places in my life and this pendant made by friend creative friend Denise is a way to celebrate your inner yogi. SHOP HERE.



Spa-Day Gift Certificate $50-$100

spafinderAccepted at over 20,000 spa and wellness locations worldwide. I’ve never met a runner that didn’t love a massage (or manicure or pedicure for that matter). It’s a gift that keeps on giving and both therapeutic and pampering. Deep tissue massage releases tension, improves circulation and enhances running performance. is a simple way to shop for a gift certificate they can use at most spa’s nationwide and for a variety of services. SHOP HERE.


Medal Hanger $40

My_Race_BlingThis is a fabulous way to display race medals and create an artistic impression from every racing adventure. Pick one of the designs offered or create your own! Every race finish is a gift, and now you can celebrate them every day. SHOP HERE.


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Join the 2013 Holiday Challenge – Stay Fit and Motivated Thu, 07 Nov 2013 20:30:06 +0000 Need a little motivation to stick with your running routine? I do!  That’s why I created the Holiday Challenge!  It’s […]

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Need a little motivation to stick with your running routine? I do!  That’s why I created the Holiday Challenge!  It’s a free and easy way to stay fit during the busy holiday season, win my favorite Wish-List gifts, and connect with other like-minded runners.  Here’s how it works…

It’s easy –>

  • Set a realistic weekly mileage goal every week from Monday, November 18th  through Sunday, January 5th.  The mileage goal changes based on how busy your life is so you can achieve realistic goals and keep moving.  You can also include cross-training into the goal – 10 minutes of cross-training = 1 mile running (yoga, cycling, strength, Cross-Fit…).
  • Post your weekly goal and mileage workouts on the private Holiday Challenge Facebook Page.  Once registered, you’ll receive an invite to join the Holiday Challenge Facebook Group.  If you’re not on Facebook, post it in the comments section below in this post.
  • Sit back, enjoy your hot chocolate and watch your email inbox for weekly blog posts from me and my elves announcing Wish-List Gift Winners, tips, recipes and much more!

Happy Holidays.

Coach Jenny

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Guest Post: Taking Steps Towards Better Healthcare For Women With The Affordable Care Act Mon, 04 Nov 2013 20:35:55 +0000 The simple fact that women are charged higher health insurance premiums than men is just one indicator that there needs […]

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Health care reform

The simple fact that women are charged higher health insurance premiums than men is just one indicator that there needs to be some changes made when it comes to women’s healthcare. The long talked of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, looks will address some of the big issues of this topic. In this article, we’ll go over just how the ACA is changing women’s healthcare in terms of both cost and coverage.

More Coverage For The Services Women Need

A widespread change to health insurance plans by the ACA is the requirements for new plans to include coverage for a set of what are known as “Essential Health Benefits.” There are ten categories of these benefits that cover a pretty wide range of medical services. A few of these categories are things like laboratory services and prenatal care. To see the full list check out

The essential health benefits are categories of medical services, meaning that the ACA does not state outright what specific medical services fall into each category, that power was given to the states. Each state decided the medical services covered as essential benefits for their residents according to a chosen “benchmark health insurance plan.” The medical benefits of the benchmark plan are now the standard for all ACA health insurance plans in the state. The Kaiser Family Foundation has a list here of each state’s benchmark plan.

Aside from the essential benefits, there are actually a handful of specific medical services that are mandated by the ACA. Under the essential health benefit category of preventative services, plans will cover annual well-woman visits and routine mammograms at no cost. has a page that provides a nice listing of all the women’s preventative services.

Starting The Fight Against Gender Rating

Being charged a higher premium simply because of your gender has to be one of the most frustrating feelings for women. Luckily, if you are buying insurance as an individual, you can no longer be charged a higher premium than a man. While a more comprehensive end to gender rating would be preferred, this change is still sure to make a big difference for thousands of women.

Preexisting Conditions And Women

Making sure that people with preexisting conditions are not denied health insurance on the basis of their condition is a huge part of the ACA. This helps women especially because of two big things: breast cancer and pregnancy. Classifying pregnancy as a pre-existing condition is definitely bizarre, but the ACA designating as such makes sure that expecting mothers can get through their pregnancy with the support of a health insurance plan.

The First Step On A Long Path

The ACA is not necessarily a revolution in women’s healthcare, but it is leveling the playing field by acknowledging that half of the population shouldn’t be penalized for the medical services they require because of their gender. As the law evolves, it will hopefully continue to embrace this direction. Always make sure to keep yourself up to speed with all of the latest changes. All laws are subject to change and these changes may have a special bearing to you in particular.

Michael Cahill is the Editor of theVista Health Solutions Blog. He writes about the healthcare system, health insurance industry and the Affordable Care Act. Follow him on Twitter at @VistaHealthMike





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Inca Trail Marathon Adventure – Non-Hiker Itinerary Mon, 04 Nov 2013 18:05:23 +0000 Day 1 – Saturday, June 21, 2014 -  Arrive in Cusco, Peru Arrive Cusco, settle into your room, and welcome […]

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Inca-Trail-Marathon-AdventureDay 1 – Saturday, June 21, 2014 -  Arrive in Cusco, Peru

  • Arrive Cusco, settle into your room, and welcome lunch (traditional Peruvian cuisine) to meet your fellow adventurers and guides.
  • Two to three hour sightseeing tour of the Plaza de Arrnas in the historical center of Cusco and some of the Inca sites located above the city of Cusco. This tour is specially programmed as an easy day, allowing you the opportunity to acclimate to the elevation of Cusco (approx. 11,200 feet above sea level).
  • Welcome Lunch Included. Dinner on your own.
  • Overnight in Cusco- Hotel San Agustin El Dorado (or similar 4-star hotel in historic center of Cusco)

Day 2- Sunday, June 22, 2014 -  Cusco – Pisac TourDSC_1110

  • Depart 8:30 a.m. for Pisac. This excursion will take you through the Urubamba Valley to the colorful Indian Market of Pisac, where natives from the region of Cusco come to trade their products.
  • We will then proceed to the magnificent archaeological site above this town from where you will witness amazing views of this valley.
  • Along the way, we will visit a llama farm and local weaving co-op, where you will learn about these unique animals as well as traditional weaving techniques of Peru.
  • Upon arrival in Pisac, we will have a guided tour of the ruins and then you may either walk for about 30-60 minutes down about 1200 vertical feet to the town of Pisac along an old Inca footpath or take the private transport from the ruins down to the town.
  • In Pisac, you will have a couple of hours on your own to explore the famous Pisac market and to have lunch at one of the many local restaurants. Later in the afternoon, we will return to the hotel in Cusco, arriving around 5:30 p.m
  • That evening, we will meet in the lobby at around 7:00 p.m (exact time TBA) and take a short walk to a famous restaurant in Cusco for a special group dinner and cultural show (included). This will be a great chance to sample more Peruvian cuisine, experience music and culture from the Andes, and mingle with fellow travelers.
  • Overnight in Cusco- Hotel San Agustin El Dorado (or similar 4-star hotel in historic center of Cusco)

Day 3- Monday, June 23, 2014 -  Cusco – Optional Adventure Excursion or Day On Your Own

  • After breakfast at the hotel, you will be able to choose from two Horseback_Cuscodifferent adventure activities or simply have a free day in Cusco to explore on your own.
  • Choose between a full day Whitewater rafting trip ($60) or a 1⁄2 day Horseback riding tour ($35). Or if you prefer, you may have the day at leisure to pursue a different activity or tour on your own.
  • Lunch and Dinner on your own.
  • Overnight in Cusco- Hotel San Agustin El Dorado (or similar 4-star hotel in historic center of Cusco)

Day 4- Tuesday, June 24, 2014 -  Cusco – Inti Raymi (Festival of the Sun)

  • Breakfast at hotel.IntiRaymi
  • 8:00am meeting during breakfast with your trek guides to go over details related to the upcoming days on the Inca Trail.
  • Inti Raymi Festival: This special festival of the sun is held only once a year and is perhaps the most famous festival in Cusco.  After the trek meeting and breakfast, we will proceed to the area outside Coricancha (Sun Temple) and also to the Plaza de Armas in Cusco to view the first portion of this famous ceremony and the processions that start around 9:00 am and can last until about noon.
  • Afternoon- Optional visit to the second part of the ceremony inside the Saqsawayman ruins (closed to the general public today). This visit must be arranged in advance with a special entry ticket. Exact cost and more information TBA when 2014 rates are released.
  • The rest of the day is free and at your leisure to relax, shop, explore more of Cusco, prepare and pack for the trek, etc.
  • Lunch and Dinner on your own.
  • Overnight in Cusco- Hotel San Agustin El Dorado (or similar 4-star Cusco hotel)

Day 5- Wednesday, June 25, 2014 -  Cusco – Chincherro Tour

  • Breakfast at hotel.  A guided tour of the Chincherro town and archeological site. This is a traditional Andean town located high in the mountains at about 3700 meters above sea level. It is about an hour from Cusco. There is a set of Inca ruins, nice colonial buildings, and a colorful artisan market located at this settlement.
  • We will also have the option to visit the local Andean weaving community located in Chincherro, as we explore this town today. Lunch on your own in Chincherro.
  • Return to the hotel in the afternoon. Rest of day/evening at leisure. Dinner on your own. Overnight in Cusco- Hotel San Agustin El Dorado (or similar 4-star Cusco hotel)

Day 6- Thursday, June 26, 2014 -  Cusco – Moray and Salt Mines – OllyantaytamboSaltMines

  • After breakfast you will check out of the hotel. We will be on the move a bit the next few days- Please pack a smaller bag for our three nights away from Cusco and for the train ride, leaving the rest of your luggage in the luggage storage at the Cusco hotel.
  • Moray is located one hour or so from Cusco, and provides one of the most spectacular views of the Urubamba Mountain Range. It is also the location of some dramatic conical depressions formed by a unique form of Inca Terraces. This site is thought to have been an experimental natural greenhouse to grow an extraordinary variety of tropical crops beyond their normal altitude.
  • After Moray, we will visit the Maras salt mines. We do a small hike down the salt mines and we will visit the local salt co-operative, which extracts the mineral by evaporation from a natural spring, thereby demonstrating that early Andean civilizations were not necessarily dependent upon coastal trade for this important mineral.
  • Reaching the valley of Urubamba, our transport will meet us to take us to Ollantaytambo. We make a stop for a lunch break. After lunch we will then go for a guided tour of the impressive ruins at Ollyantaytambo.
  • Later, you will be taken to your hotel for check in and the rest of the evening will be at your leisure in the small, picturesque tourist town of Ollantaytambo. (Most restaurants, cafes, etc are within easy walking distance.) Lunch and dinner on Own. Overnight at Hotel in Ollyantaytambo- Tikawasi Valle or similar

Day 7- Friday, June 27, 2014 -  Cusco – Aguas Calientes

  • After breakfast and the morning at leisure in Ollyantaytambo, check out of the hotel and either walk or take a quick rickshaw transfer to the train station and board an early afternoon train to Aguas Calientes.
  • The rest of the day is at your leisure in Aguas Calientes. Things to do include exploring the Machu Picchu Museum near Aguas Calientes, day hikes available (such as the jungle ladders), markets and shopping, or just relax at the hot springs above town. Lunch and dinner on your own.  Overnight in Aguas Calientes. Hotel Inka Town (or similar).

Day 8- Saturday, June 28, 2014 -  Machu PicchuMachuPicchu_istock

  • After an early breakfast- at 5:30 AM take the early morning bus up to Machu Picchu. After witnessing sunrise over this majestic place, we will have a guided tour of the complex with our local guide. We will also reunite with the trek group after their arrival from the Inca Trail. Afterward, there will be several hours available to spend as you choose in this unique archaeological site, allowing ample opportunities to explore on your own.  Lunch on your own.
  • Bus back to Aguas Calientes town included. You will come down from Machu Picchu when you have finished exploring on your own.
  • In the evening, meet up with everyone in the hotel lobby to head out for the special included celebration dinner at a famous restaurant in Aguas Calientes!  Overnight in Aguas Calientes. Hotel Inka Town (or similar).

Day 9- Sunday, June 29, 2014 -  Aguas Calientes – Cusco

  • After breakfast at the hotel, we will all depart via a morning train atKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA 8:50 a.m. to Ollyantaytambo.
  • We will then take private transport to Cusco (please note- almost all tourist class trains only run between Ollyantaytambo and Aguas Calientes, not all the way to Cusco). Afterward, we will continue to Cusco and check back into the hotel.
  • Lunch on your own.
  • Rest of day/evening at leisure for shopping, sightseeing, and relaxing.
  • Dinner on your own.
  • Overnight in Cusco- Hotel San Agustin El Dorado (or similar 4-star Cusco hotel)

Day 10- Monday, June 30, 2014 -

  • Breakfast at hotel. Morning transfer to Cusco airport. Fly back to Lima from Cusco.
  • OR continue from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado via an early morning flight for the extension trip to the Amazon Rainforest (see extension trip program for these details)

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