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You are a study of one. From what you eat to how you train, the key to finding your flow in life (and running) is to tailor it to you, not the other way around.

My mission is to help you learn how to train to improve performance, reach your goals more efficiently, evolve, and create a plan that works with the flow of your busy lifestyle.

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A Simple Learn to Run Program Anyone Can Do

Learning to run doesn’t have to be so complicated or hard. The key is to make it fun and keep it simple. When you do, running becomes a habit for life. I’m going to share a learn to run strategy that is so simple, I could even do it. This is how I learned to run despite hating it for years. This is also how I’ve coached newbies for years. It doesn’t involve intervals, speed, calculations or big words. It is based solely on your body and how it responds to running. In fact, it’s a plan that is customized to you…

Race canceled? Here are some strategies to keep running strong.

It’s time for Operation Plan B. The coronavirus has forced events and races all over the world to cancel. Whether your race was postponed or canceled, or your gym has closed, it’s definitely new territory for all of us right now. Although it’s challenging to make sense of it all and not fall into a pit of negativity, runners move forward. That is how we roll. We will get through this one step, one breath, one mile at a time. One of the most important things we can do right now is to continue to move – run, walk, strength…

The Benefits of Splitting Up Your Long Run

Can I run my long run in two segments? Coach Jenny, I’m training for my fourth marathon, a few half marathons this year. I’ve read about breaking up the long run into two segments in one day and wonder if that would work for me. I’m the mother of three, work, and like all parents, I’m challenged with getting all my training in during a very hectic weekend. What are your thoughts? Thank you. ~Kara There are many ways to train for long-distance running, but the key is to develop a plan that flows with your lifestyle. For you, that means…

The Benefits of Backward Walking and Running

Backward running and walking, or what I refer to as “retro movement” is a little like bell-bottom jeans in that it has been around for years and every once in awhile it re-enters the popularity spotlight. I just wish it would stay in the spotlight, as many trainers, coaches, and physical therapists use retro running for rehabbing injuries, improving athletic performance, and improving muscular balance. It is an excellent addition to any running routine. Among other benefits, running and walking backward can… Help rehab injuries.  Retro movement (running and walking) can be an effective strategy for rehabbing groin, knee joint,…