Coach Jenny’s Training Plans

Training Plans

Need a little guidance to reach your running goals? Looking for a plan to get you to the finish line? Want to learn to run? Fabulous! You’re in the right place. Explore my extensive library of training plans. I do offer personal coaching services, but this content is free.

We kick things off with the Zero to Running Program for those who want to learn to run (the fun way). From there, you’ll find six levels of training plans for each distance from 5K on up to Ultra-Marathons (the Goofy Challenge too)!

Simply click on the colorful distance of your choice. From there, you can preview each plan to see which one fits your fitness level and read the program descriptions for each.

Then hit print, lace up those shoes and get training! These programs are a great template from which you can begin to tailor to your life schedule, interests and personal goals.

Looking for personal coaching with Coach Jenny? Learn more about her Personal Coaching Program here.



Get Coached by Jenny Hadfield.

Pear, the smart training system with real-time audio coaching, allows you to have world-class coach and fitness expert Jenny Hadfield train by your side. Train with the Pear System on your mobile phone or the Pear One and download the free Zero to Running Plan, the Busy Person’s Half Marathon Plan and her popular 5-20-mile Long Run Series. Jenny will coach you through every step of the way, coaching you to your optimal training effort level, teaching you tips on form, fuel, racing and more – and give you high five’s after every workout.

Let Pear and Jenny Hadfield lead you every step of the way, whether you want to start running, get motivated, or run longer and faster.

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