Zero To Running®


Learn to run and have fun with Coach Jenny’s Zero to Running Training Program.

“I want to thank you, Coach Jenny, for developing the Zero to Running® Program with Pear Sports. I will complete the program this week, and I have to tell you I am officially addicted to running. I’ve tried other running programs before, and I couldn’t stick with it. I could stick with it on your program, and I am looking forward to starting your 5k training program next week in preparation for running my first 5k race at the Indy Monumental Marathon/5k. Thank you!” ~ Lisa Warner


The Zero to Running® Program is geared to those who want to learn to run the fun way. It’s a highly optimized, yet simplified program that will take you from zero (the couch) to running to 30 minutes in ten weeks with a smile on your face. Along the way you will learn to enjoy running and you may even use the “L” word (love).

The Zero to Running® Program include three run workouts per week and utilizes intervals of running and walking to slowly boost your running power and stamina. You’ll start out with running 30 seconds at a time and finish running 30 minutes! This is how I learned to run and it changed my life (I used to hate running:).

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