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  • Learn how to run without dropping four-letter words.
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  • Ask a running question and get a real answer.
  • Evolve, grow and learn how to be your best runner.

You’ve come to the right place. Hi, I’m Jenny Hadfield. Welcome!

My goal is to give you easy-to-understand tools and tips that you can use to improve your running and your life.


Because some time ago, someone invested in me, guided me towards my inner runner, and it changed my life forever.

I went from a chubby young woman who hated to run, to a leaner, more confident runner who qualified for and ran the Boston Marathon and continued to race all over the world.

I never set out to be a coach. What did I know about running? I was a mere running mortal, fresh off of earning a degree in Exercise Science and working in a corporate fitness center.

Coaching found me.

Employees started asking me to help them train to run for weight loss, to reduce stress and to reach finish lines.

So I scoured the running world to learn more about how to train mortal runners – you know, folks that are trying to balance work, life kids, friends, significant others, pets, shopping, sleeping, eating and oh yea, running.

But all I could find were traditional running formula’s (running 6-7 days per week – lots of miles – really fast).

I learned mortals didn’t want to run every day like the traditionalists. They wanted to do karate, yoga, cycling, skiing, skating, strength training, volleyball, basketball, and aerobics.

So I sat down with them one at a time and created personalized training programs that evolved around their busy lives, their active interests and most importantly, their unique fitness level.

And you know what? I kind of liked it. I actually loved it. Because it was like figuring out a mystery.

We learned together and I had the pure and utter joy of seeing cool people reach incredible goals they never imagined they could (a.k.a. High Five Moments).

And soon, a handful of people turned into my first training company. And that turned into co-founding Chicago’s largest multi-sport company (Chicago Endurance Sports).

So I branched out and started answering running questions via email for over 30,000 participants at the Indy Mini Marathon, which led to writing a blog on RunnersWorld.com, a column in Women’s Running Magazine and authoring two books.

And every question fueled an expedition to find an answer.

Question by question, I learned what confused you, what inspired you, what hurt you and most importantly, how to guide you.

So I kept answering your questions, and together, we paved the way to a new paradigm of running. A world that included realistic workouts, easy to understand words and training regimens that were fun, effective and didn’t require you to abandon your family.

And along the way, I found my coaching voice, my writing voice and my passion in life–my sweet spot.

Thank you for that.

Here’s What I’ve Learned Along the Way…

In order to get where you want to go (dreams, bucket list, getting lean and mean), you’ve got to know where you’ve been and where you are now.

From there, you create a program that flows with your personal fitness, your life, style and your interests.

In simple terms, you make it yours.

And like slipping on your favorite pair of jeans and sipping a cup of Joe, your life gets immediately better.

Not because it’s part of one magic plan or system, because it ebbs and flows with the rhythm of your life.

How do you determine what your optimal running recipe is?

It’s easier than you think (and a heck of lot more fun too)!

This is why I started this site, why I invest hours each day answering your awesome real-life running questions and why you’ll learn how to optimize your running life right here, with me and all the other fun-loving mortal runners that share their inspiring stories.

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Make Yourself At Home…

Mi casa es su casa. This site is for you, my running friends.

My commitment to you is to share the very best of what I’m living and learning, keep it real, and pay it forward. Through my programs, classes, videos and active adventures, you’ll learn how to navigate your best running life and continue to inspire those around you.

You’ll find…

  • Over 30 FREE pre-written and easily printable training plans that will guide you to learn to run and across finish lines from 5K – Ultra Marathon.
  • Videos that will teach you things like how to use foam rolling to relieve aches and pain, make friends with hills, key stretches and strengthening exercises for runners.