Kathrine-Switzer Jenny Hadfield is a super motivator who is a brilliant combination of someone who can encourage and push while actually giving expert substantial information. We all have cheerleaders in our lives; what we really need is someone who knows what they are talking about.

That’s Jenny, a real coach.

Kathrine Switzer, first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon, author of Marathon Woman, and still running marathons!

Alan-Brookes “We have been thrilled to have Coach Jenny as one of our key partners in Canada Running Series over the past eight years. She brilliantly spans the spectrum of offering top-quality coaching information and marvellous motivation to ‘newbies’ and advanced road racers alike. Her tireless dedication to those training with her; her prompt, knowledgeable and caring coaching advice, makes her an invaluable resource for runners seeking to achieve personal bests, or get to their first finish line with a smile.”

Alan Brookes, Canadian Running Series Race Director


Coach Jenny is a font of knowledge for endurance athletes.

John Telich, Fox 8 Cleveland Sports Anchor

Shari-Wolf “Jenny Hadfield changed my life! When I met Jenny I simply wanted to run a comfortable 3 – 5 miles. Before I knew it, with Jenny’s understated method of coaching, I was running half-marathons, marathons, and on. Jenny gets “life” and the effect “life” can have on our training schedules. More than a couple of times, Jenny has talked me off the ledge and helped me get back on track, taking “life” in to consideration, and thereby allowing me to achieve my goals. With Jenny involved I’ve never once believed my goals aren’t attainable. Jenny Hadfield is amazing!”

Shari Wolf, Co-Owner Ketchman|Wolf Associates, Marathoner and Endurance Athlete

Mark-Remy Jenny Hadfield is one of the most passionate, personable, and engaging bloggers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Her level of expertise is matched only by her enthusiasm. Reading Jenny’s stuff, you quickly sense that she has a very real and sincere desire to help people be the best athletes they possibly can. She’s a gem.

Mark Remy, editor-at-large, Runner’s World

Beth-Salinger “I had the honor of meeting Coach Jenny in 2001 when I was in a learn to run program. I was new to running and very uncomfortable with my lack of skill. Jenny’s easy spirit and kindness immediately put me to ease as we trained together for many years to come. Through her expertise I was able to cross the finish line of my first half marathon and many more since.

A few years later Jenny began coaching events and I knew that I wanted that experience and expertise to help the athletes of the events I manage to benefit. Jenny has a great way of making new athletes, injured athletes, fast runners, slow walkers and everyone in between feel special. She answers questions with insight and humor and never judging. She has many videos and other resources that she gladly shares with the participants helping them get to the start line healthy and happy. Then on race day she stands at the finish line greeting each one as a long lost friend as they accomplish their goal. What makes Coach Jenny so wonderful is she truly cares about each participant and their journey. She starts out as your coach and by the end she is truly a lifelong friend. I can think of no one else I would want at the finish line waiting for me.”

Beth Salinger, Hospital Hill Run Race Director President and Founder Endurance Marketing Inc.


Jenny Hadfield is an amazing motivator. She makes regular people believe they can undertake amazing things—and then she’s there all the way to encourage them, right down to the finish line. I’ve never met another coach quite like her.

Kathy O’Malley, WGN Radio-Chicago Talk Show Host and Paris Marathon Finisher

Jeff-Graves “Jenny Hadfield was our first coach for the Indy Mini and helped us grow the race from 19,000 participants to over 35,000. Her ability to motivate and encourage people that they could go the distance was life changing for many. Coach Jenny is passionate about helping get people to participate and it shows in her work.”

Jeff Graves, Owner of Vision Event Management and former Executive Director of the Indy Mini Marathon

Molly-Barker Jenny’s no nonsense style coupled with her authentic and real-person approach to running make for a dynamic, lift-you-up, get-you-where-you-wanna-go training approach. Jenny has been a valuable resource for our Girls on the Run families. The opposite of intimidating, Jenny’s ability to get everayone from the non-runner to the seasoned, up and running JOYFULLY to the finish line of their dreams…is quite simply… beautiful!

Molly Barker, Founder of Girls on the Run International, World Changemaker, and Frazzled but Grateful Parent of Two Teenagers

Andie-Whaley “Coach Jenny has knowingly and unknowingly coached me through my first half, full and ultra marathons. Her knack for breaking down technical information, providing grounded encouragement and making runners both new and veteraned excited about what they are doing sets her apart as not only a highly effective coach, but a true ambassador of the sport of running. Whether reading a personal message or her books, blogs and social networking posts, somehow I always feel like I’m sitting in a cozy living room, sipping coffee and chatting about training with an impeccably educated friend.”

Andi Whaley, Endurance Athlete and Founder of

Jessie-Sebor Jenny Hadfield’s talent lies beyond exceptional coaching and expert advice. Her unique gift is the ability to teach people not only how to run, but how to love running. In terms of helping runners stay fit, happy and healthy for life, Jenny’s the best around.

Jessie Sebor, Editor-in-chief of Women’s Running magazine

Anamaria-Nino-Murcia “Among the many athletes I worked with in my former role as the Director of Marketing at ElliptiGO, Jenny Hadfield was a model brand ambassador. She engaged authentically with our product and channeled those personal experiences into meaningful promotions to raise awareness. Whether she was setting new distance records, developing training programs, or writing articles for running media—Jenny committed herself whole-heartedly to nurturing our brand. More personally, I can also attest to Jenny’s influence and impact as a coach. Due to injuries, I had given up on running competitively over a decade ago. But with Jenny’s guidance through a training program she designed for an injury-prone runner like me–I was able to complete my first marathon in under 4 hours and injury-free!”

Anamaria Nino-Murcia, Founder of Foothold Coaching

Steve-Boyett Jenny Hadfield is the real deal. Totally committed to her clients and her craft, Jenny has focused her career and her considerable talents on inspiring and motivating runners. The curricula she designed for the Podrunner: Intervals series continue to receive rave reviews from my listeners to this day, and three-fifths of the series literally would not exist without her. I am amazed by her drive, her energy, and her unflagging commitment to keeping the world running.

Steve Boyett, Producer & DJ,

Gayle-McMurry “As someone not introduced to the world of running until age 45, I never could have imagined running one marathon much less ten. Jenny has helped me to become the best runner I can be, including qualifying three times for the Boston Marathon, and successfully completing the Antarctica Marathon. She is a very special coach who works tirelessly with each runner to tailor a program based on that person’s own unique skills and goals.”

Gayle McMurry, Marathoner


Smart column, Coach Jenny. It looks like your athletes are in good hands.

Christopher McDougall, Author, National Best-Seller – Born to Run

Elisette-Carlson “Jenny has amazing energy and enthusiasm for her work. Her industry experience and knowledge is not only evident in her coaching, but also in her outstanding written work, speaking engagements and television appearances. I’ve worked with Jenny on business projects and Jenny always has innovative ideas, but more important, she combines her passion and relentless drive to execute them.”

Elisette Carlson, Founder of SMACK! Media, Providing Dynamic PR and Marketing Strategies to Give your Brand the Five Fingers Across the Rear!

Belinda-Newcomer After running for many years and being a “half-marathon junkie” Coach Jenny’s wise words and recommendations greatly assisted me during my first marathon. Her training recipe fit my busy lifestyle and goals perfectly! She talked me off the ledge when I thought I needed to run more miles and I learned the value of “less is more” and how to “listen to my body.” I was injury free (okay, one toenail did not make it through the journey!) and felt good throughout the process. I will continue to trust Coach Jenny’s expertise and mindful approach for any future events.

Dr. Belinda Newcomer, PhD

GordonWright “There are a very small number of people at the center of the active athletics world to whom all others connect. The hubs, as it were, around whom all the spokes are arranged. Jenny Hadfield is one of those hubs. Everything she does is informed by the excellence she displays in all other aspects of her life. She is — and has been for ages — a tremendous athlete, which informs her writing and her coaching. Her writing is absolutely terrific, which informs her coaching and communications skills. Her coaching is expansive, intuitive and analytic, and gives her a wide platform from which to write knowledgeably about a great variety of subjects. In short, Jenny is the consummate insider possessing the rare ability to communicate both individually and to the masses critical, and hard-won, advice on everything to do with endurance sports. I’m proud to know her.”

Gordon Wright, President, Outside PR & Sports Marketing