The Busy Girl's Half-Marathon Plan

By June 14, 2012Articles, Training

A 13-mile race is a major commitment—but that doesn’t mean it has to consume your life. If you’ve struggled to find time for training between work projects, dinner commitments and parent-teacher conferences, this training plan is for you. Our 16-week schedule trims the fat from typical running regimens to include only the workouts necessary for you to perform at your best. Perfect for time-crunched women, the training recipe includes three focused running workouts per week, plus two optional cross-training workouts and two rest days. Instead of focusing on mileage volume, it emphasizes mileage quality. Each running workout has a unique purpose that matches its color-coded effort zone. You will run in the yellow, orange or red zone depending on the workout’s intended intensity. (Yellow is easiest; red is most difficult). For every three weeks of tough training, you will earn one “spa week.” This is your cutback week where you’ll take it easy to allow your body and mind to recover—and when you can plug in your busy weeks at work, vacation time, travel or even your period. Sounds simple right?

Here’s how it works…


Knowing when to take it easy and when to seriously sweat is crucial. Follow these guidelines to run at the proper effort level…