Podcast | Running on Snow, Portion Control, Side Stitches, and More

By November 15, 2016Podcast

In podcast episode 11:

  • We chit chat about Chicago Cubs, the South of France Running Cruise and the Holiday Challenge [00 – 8:00]
  • You’ll learn:
    • Simple ways to control your portions [8:01 – 18:42]
    • Success Stories! [18:43 – 20:52]
    • How to transition safely into a high cushion, low drop running shoe like Hoka’s and Altra’s [20:53 – 28:45]
    • How to run on snow safely and a fun winter speed workout [28:46 – 41:23]
    • How to get rid of side stitches and prevent them [41:24 – 48:39]
    • A tribute to Leonard Cohen [48:40 – 49:47]

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  • Luen Khaw says:

    Love this podcast. I am an on and off runner – more of a cross training person – but all the tips are so helpful including the non-running ones e.g. portions control.
    Will be listening to your prior podcasts.

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