Podcast 17 | How to Run Injury Free for Life – Part 2 of the Interview with The Body Mechanic, Todd Eekhoff

By April 1, 2017Podcast

In podcast episode 17:

This is part two of the interview with Physical Therapist and owner of Todd’s Body Shop, Todd Eekhoff.

  • At what point should a runner see a physical therapist? [00 – 2:30]
  • How pro athletes utilize physical therapy to perform at their best. [2:31 – 7:30]
  • How to find a running friendly Physical Therapist in your area and what to look for in a therapist. [7:31 – 11:00]
  • Tools for runners (foam, balls, ice, and more) [11:01 – 15:30]
  • Rapid Fire Question and Answer. We cover calf strains and tears, an exercise to release calf tightness, how to know when you should push through or take a break from training, how running shoes can help relieve pain, what’s the deal with neuroma’s and sciatica, what to do about tight, painful hip flexors from sitting, sore hamstrings – what to do, [15:31 – 42:00]

I apologize for the echo in this podcast. We had a slight tech issue during this episode. Thank you for your patience!

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