Podcast 15 | A 5-Minute Active Warm Up for Runners and Walkers

By February 28, 2017Podcast

Use this five-minute active warm up before your running and walking workouts. In this warm up, I guide you through a series of dynamic warm up exercises as well and walking to prepare you for your workout ahead.

This warm up gradually increases your circulation to your working muscles, activates your running and walking muscles, and improves muscle and joint range of motion. It also makes the transition from zero to workout feel like butta. Enjoy!

Visit my YouTube Channel Jenny Hadfield for a visual demonstration of these dynamic warm up exercises (and more) here.

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  • Mehdi says:

    Hello Jenny ! We love your podcasts in our running group in Morocco! They are really helpful!
    I just have one qiestion. When you say in your training plan for example “60 minutes Run”, does that include the warm ups before and after the run? Or do you mean we need to warm up for 5 minutes and then start the 60 minute run ?
    Thank you

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