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By December 17, 2016Podcast

In podcast episode 12:

  • We chit chat about running the Havana Half Marathon in Cuba, and running on Broadway.[00 – 12:08]
  • You’ll learn:
    • Our Top Five Favorite Holiday Gifts for Runners and a Special Song [12:09 – 27:18]
    • Two Perfect Holiday Workouts to Boost Metabolism in 30 Minutes or Less [27:19 – 34:10]
    • Success Story [34:11 – 36:38]
    • Introducing the Challenge 2017 [36:39 – 41:35]
    • How to Tailor Your Race Warm Up by the Distance [41:36 – 48:19]
    • How to Stay Warm in the Pre-Race Corral [48:20 – 49:22]
    • Five Ways to Modify and Conquer Your Long Runs When Winter Weather Hits [49:23 – 61:00]

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Show Notes

Favorite Gift Links:

Stryd Power Meter for Runners

Medal Hangers

Lights for Runners: Petzel Tikka (head), Powercap (hat), Knuckle Lights (hand held), Night Runner 270 (new – shoe mounted)

Gift Certificates: SpaFinder.com, Challenge 2017 Registration

Personal Savers Pepper Spray

Believe Journal

Inexpensive Running Gloves


Flip Belt

Holiday Workouts

Link to download the Charlie Tree Workout

Fat Blaster Workout:

Warm up by walking for 3 minutes. Start with an easy effort and build to a brisk pace just slower than a jog. This is an important step. Don’t skip it!

Run or run-walk at an easy effort (conversational) for 5 minutes to continue to warm up.

Repeat 8-10 times (16-20 minutes total):

  • Run at a hard effort (hard) for 30 seconds (more like a sprint or hard run effort)
  • Recover with 90 seconds of very easy jogging or brisk walking.

Walk it out to cool it down for 2 minutes after the final interval.

Total Time: 26-30 minutes

The Challenge 2017 Program

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