Have you ever had a foot or ankle injury that kept you from running?  Are you trying to run in less shoe or barefoot?  Are you looking to improve your running form and performance?

Watch this interview with Matt Ferguson, one of the inventors of the new AFX – Ankle Foot Maximizer System and you’ll learn:

  • Why foot strength is vital to our life performance.
  • Why we’ve lost our foundational strength.
  • How to regain foundational foot and ankle strength.
  • How to heal quickly and prevent foot and lower leg injuries like plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis and ankle sprains.
  • How to safely transition to less shoe (minimalist) or barefoot.
  • How to improve your running form without running harder.

I met Matt over an online discussion of the barefoot/minimalist movement several months ago and we’ve become fast friends.  I’ve learned a ton from him and his team and I couldn’t wait to share this interview with you.

If you found this interview helpful, please share it or post a comment below with your experience.  We can all learn together.

If  you want to learn more about the AFX click here.

To learn more about the AFX – Barefoot/Minimalist Running Transition Program click here.


  • Emma says:

    Dear Coach Jenny – thank you, thank you, thank you! I was having a miserable time with plantar fasciitis this past summer and then I saw your review of AFX in a Womens Running article. I was skeptical that it would work because I had been doing exercises with rubber bands, but I gave it a try and it has been great. You are right that it does look a little intimidating but it is way better than those bands and I’ve been plantar fasciitis-free for 5 months now.

  • Thanks for your thoughts. It’s helped me a lot.

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  • You know what, I’m very much inclined to agree.

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