Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

By November 27, 2014Jenny Hadfield Blog


Gifts that celebrate a runner’s passion continue to give for miles. Whether you’re shopping for the runner in your life or looking for ideas for your personal holiday wish list, this year’s holiday gift guide for runners features gifts that help you perform better, inspire, recover and celebrate every runner. Happy holidays.

Runner’s World Cookbook

RW_Cookbook Runners need to eat well in order to perform, and what they eat can have a direct influence on how they run. The Runner’s World Cookbook is the perfect combination of performance-boosting nutrients to maximize performance with easy, delicious, and quick recipes. This cookbook contains 150 recipes sourced primarily from the authoritative voice in running itself, Runner’s World magazine, along with exciting additional content. These recipes are intended to maximize a runner’s performance and enhance nutritional benefits. $20.69 Shop here.


Release N’ Run Leash

release-run-5 Designed for the mostly off-leash dog, the Release N Run is a dog collar with a built-in 4 foot retractable leash—allowing the leash to fully stow in the dog’s collar while not in use.

Imagine heading out for a run with your dog on his/her leash, and as you hit the trail simply let go of the handle and the leash will retract into his/her collar. You both get to run free while jogging together. $39.95 Shop here.


Pear Sports Training Intelligence App and Heart Rate Monitor

iOS Android mobile Unlike any other fitness product on the market, PEAR’s patent pending proprietary technology guides users step-by-step, and provides real-time audio coaching based on the user’s heart rate and desired fitness objective. What does this mean? Strap on the bluetooth heart-rate monitor, pop in the included Stride headphones, do a simple 20 minute calibration and PEAR will automatically determine and set your optimal training zones.

Choose from hundreds of training plans and individual workouts (I’d recommend one of my Coach Jenny running workouts!) and hit start. A coach will audibly guide you through your workouts based on your body’s response to the workout! No more guessing, no more wondering if you’re training in the right zones… just workout, and a coach will tell you what to do. It’s as if I’m workout out right along side you! $99 ($69 when you use the code: HolidayChallenge) Shop here.

Spa Finder Gift Certificate

171x74xspafinder-wellness-365.png.pagespeed.ic.KfosAfve1P Accepted at over 20,000 spa and wellness locations worldwide, Spa Finder is the world’s best-selling spa and wellness gift card. I’ve never met a runner that didn’t love a massage (or manicure or pedicure for that matter). It’s a gift that never expires and keeps on giving and both therapeutic and pampering. Deep tissue massage releases tension, improves circulation and enhances running performance. Spa Finder is a simple way to shop for a gift certificate they can use at most spa’s nationwide and for a variety of services. Shop here.

Injinji Socks

Injinji A sock that is anatomically designed to your foot, and allows your toes to splay naturally and align properly, enabling greater stability and more comfort. Designed with superior fibers that are durable, light, and flexible to offer superior breathability, which means cool, dry, and comfortable feet. It’s a fun sock that fits naturally, protects from blisters and is so comfortable you forget you’re wearing socks. $12 and up. Shop here.


samplepack CogniTea is crafted to optimize the cognitive-enhancing benefits of tea — with up to 10x the amount of L-Theanine as found in green tea, and 90mg of natural caffeine. L-Theanine and caffeine work synergistically to promote concentration, alertness, and focus and to inhibit the negative side effects of caffeine alone.

CogniTea is amazingly versatile and redefines what tea is capable of. It provides “Productive Energy,” a subtle, sustained, and focused energy that puts you in the perfect state of mind to get things done. It has a light, revitalizing taste with a hint of mint* and is perfect for athletes and on-the-go professionals because it provides:

– A healthy replacement for your morning and/or afternoon coffee
– Energy without the headache, jitters, or crash
– A boost of focus and concentration at work or while studying
– Energy and alertness for workouts, running, cycling, yoga, etc.
– Mental clarity to combat the afternoon brain fog

$20 (25-pack) Shop here.

Milestone Pod

pod2-400x250 Tracking the mileage on your shoes has never been so easy, simply lace the pod through your laces and go. The pod automatically tracks every mile without having to push a button or worrying about leaving home without it. No need to be a tech savvy to use this product! Download the free MilestoneApp for detailed activity data including distance, pace, duration, cadence, stride length, stance times, calories, and overall shoe mileage. With the MilestonePod, you will know the moment you need new shoes. $24.95 Shop here.

Brooks Nightlife Essential Vest

BrooksVest The number one rule of winter running is to Be Seen, and it’s easier than ever to do just that with Brooks Nightlife apparel. By adding a little extra to your outfit, you get big benefits with the NightLife Essential Vest III—defender against darkness, rain, and wind. For men and women, this vest has a bevy of bennies including: wind- and water-resistant fabric, gusset at arm opening for better fit, front zip draft flap, two side zip pockets, internal media pocket, and a reflective front zipper. $85 Shop here.

Skirt Sports Ice Queen Ultra Skirt

SkirtSports They had me at “Queen,” this dynamic cold weather skirt-tight duo keeps my back side warm even on the coldest Chicago winter mornings and keeps me in style for my post run breakfast ritual with the girls. Added bennies include windproof, water-resistant panels in the skirt and leggings to block the cold wind, two convenient pockets on the leggings, one on the skirt, reflectivity on the zippers and a secret drawcord to cinch a customizable inseam length! $135 Shop here.

POWERCAP® LED Lighted Beanie Hat

LEDBeanie This clever winter hat combines ultra bright LED light technology with a premium compression fleece beanie style hat to provide you with the perfect hands free flashlight. The soft, moisture wicking lining will pull moisture away from your head and keep you warm and dry. The 4 LEDs provide more than 48 Lumens. When you click the easy on/off switch hidden in the band, you’ll notice that 2 of the LEDs are angled down at 55 degrees to light up where your hands are for close up tasks, while the other 2 LEDs are aimed forward to light the distance up to 72 feet away. 4 CR2032 Coin Cell batteries hidden in the band provide up to 68 hours of life and are easily replaceable. $24.99 Shop here.

Betty Designs Running, Cycling and Triathlon Apparel



Where runway fashion meets sport. Betty Designs creates kick-ass race kits for triathlon, cycling and killer swimsuits. Pick something badass for your giftee, or gift them with a Betty Bucks gift card. Either way, they’re going to love you. $25 and up. Shop here.


Market Lavender Goat Milk Soap


This gentle, moisturizing soap is creamy and fragrant. The mild goat’s milk base is perfect for sensitive skin. Choose from lavender flower, baby goat or floral heart design. $6.50 Shop here.


Kahtoola NANOSpikes

NANO_3388550w Winter training made easier with NANOspikes. The leading winter footwear traction is an ultralight, low profile winter traction device. The evolved spike design bites into icy sidewalks or roads. $49.95 Shop here.



GRID STK Foam Roller

GridSTK The world’s first hand-held foam rollers wrapped in patent-pending GRID® 3-dimensional surface channels nutrients directly to the tissue for health and mobility. Available in two densities (regular and extra-firm “X”). Get off the floor! Use the GRID® STK or GRID® STK X seated or standing to relieve minor aches and pains.


  • Convenient size is perfect for the gym, office or on-the-road
  • Patent-pending 3-dimensional surface to replicate the feeling of a massage therapist’s hand
  • AcuGRIP handles for targeted relief
  • Water-resistant
  • Simple-to-clean
  • Backed by a one-year warranty

$34.99 Shop here.


iSlides Customizable Footwear

Holiday Challenge Jenny Hadfield Their amazing customizable footwear will make for a great gift idea this upcoming holiday season. Sports fanatics, athletes, moms and dads, fashionistas and more are all loving ISlide’s style, comfort and ability to put just about anything they want on them! To start, you choose the look of the slide from a number of special and limited edition colorways, then you can start customizing and personalizing from a collection of pre-cultivated symbols and designs, or go fully optimized by uploading their own logos, text, patterns, and even photos. ISlide makes customizable athletic footwear that allows you to stand in what you stand for. We let you be you, whatever you do. $49.99 Shop here.

Medal Display

131262---Female-4IP9mK This is a fabulous way to display race medals and create an artistic impression from every racing adventure. Pick one of the designs offered or create your own! Every race finish is a gift, and now you can celebrate them every day. $40 and up. Shop here.



AFX – Ankle Foot MaXimizer

afx A personal trainer for your feet. Why is that important? Because with stronger feet and ankles, comes dramatic improvements in form, efficiency and the reduction of injuries. This is an absolute must-have tool (and perfect gift) for those who struggle with foot, leg and hip issues, those who are transitioning to less shoe (minimalist) and anyone who wants to improve their form authentically. $99 Shop here.

Road ID

ROADID The Wrist ID Slim is lightweight, comfortable and one of our most popular bracelet IDs. Laser engraved peace of mind comes standard and now you can add your favorite Badges to the silicone band. Worn by top athletes and a perfect ID for kids. Be safe! Available in Orginal or Interactive versions. $19.99 Shop here.






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