The Fat Blaster Treadmill Workout Series

Looking to lose weight and boost your metabolism? Running short on time? Need to spice up your exercise regimen?

icons_plan_120x120_jenny_hadfield_treadmill_2_1 The Fat Blaster Running Workout will do just that and more! This workout is all about burning fat, torching calories and making the most of your time.

It starts with a thorough two-step warm-up including walking and running and then builds to a high intensity with eight 30-40 second sprint intervals followed by a recovery and finishes with a walking cool down.

Simply download the PEAR Sports app, download the free Fat Blaster Workout and get started today.

Here’s how to download the Fat Blaster Workout(s):

  1. Download the Pear Sports Training Intelligence App for iPhone or Android phone in your App Store. (It’s free).
  2. Open the Pear App and set up your account (name, age…).
  3. Press “Workouts” on the App screen.
  4. Press “Plan Store” on the bottom of the screen.
  5. Press “Coach” and then press Jenny Hadfield (moi).
  6. Scroll through my audio workouts until you see the “Fat Blaster Level 1 Workout.
  7. Press one and then hit “get this.”
  8. It’s that simple, and it’s free!
  9. You can set it up to listen to your music along the way too!

NEW! There are now five levels in the Fat Blaster Workout Series so you can progress, stay motivated and improve along the way! Plus, you can perform most of these fun workouts off the treadmill too! No excuses. Download, run hard, burn fat and keep moving strong.



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