Boston Bound Author Elizabeth Clor on Overcoming Mental Barriers and Qualifying for the Boston Marathon

By August 16, 2017Podcast

Have you ever wanted something so badly that your mind became your biggest obstacle? In this episode of The Coach Jenny Show, I talk with Boston Bound author and runner Elizabeth Clor about her seven-year journey to overcoming mental barriers and qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

If you’ve ever wondered how to break through your obstacles and reach big goals, listen to this conversation. You’ll learn the steps she took to reaching her goals, details of her training and race day rituals, how she became a successful self-published author. Enjoy!

[Image Credit: Greg Clor – Anchorage, Alaska]

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  • Dave says:

    Beautiful story and what a great person to hear from. I am certainly one who defines myself based on my race times (I will adjust for the course) and truly hate that I’m beginning to slowdown as I’ve failed to reach my ultimate marathon goal time. Has nothing to do with Boston though bc I’ve been there 3 times (thus far it’s my personal worst and my personal best. Jenny I believe the personal best was the same year you were there, 2014)

    I’m not so sure the attitude will change my results bc I’m beginning to just accept that its never going to happen at 37 years old and some of my best race a I went into with a negative attitude.

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