3 Powerful Questions to Ask Before the New Year

By December 29, 2020Training

As we begin to set our hopes on all the new year can bring, it is wise to invest time to reflect on the current year as it comes to a close. Ask yourself the following questions before the ball drops, and it will lead you to a year of evolutionary improvement, achievement, and consistent motivation.

What were your top three favorite moments of the year?

Whether you go old school and write them down on a piece of paper or view them via social media, identify three successful and happy moments you experienced during the year. One of my favorite moments this year happened while hiking a challenging trail in Arizona called Blackett’s Ridge. We started at O’Dark Thirty and hiked up to the ridge as the sun was rising. It was a spectacular way to experience this trail. With every moment, the sun would unveil a new layer of detail in our earned views. With every step we climbed, we were treated to the awakening of the city of Tucson, and when we reached the top, the sun greeted us like a best friend as it rose over the mountains.

This year has been a challenge, to say the least. With all the cancellations, the chaos, and the lockdown, there were moments like these that highlighted the value of the little things. Take time to honor and celebrate the positive moments this year. Let the energy carry you forward in a positive light.

What were my challenges this year?

As you review your year, it’s also wise to invest time focusing on the things that may have challenged you. These are the things we don’t like thinking about, but when we do, we can more easily learn and grow from them, and more gracefully forward.

One of my challenges this year was the overnight shut down of the travel industry and our company Marathon Expeditions due to COVID. One minute we were hosting the Caribbean Running Cruise, the next all travel was shut down for the year. As I reflect on this year, it taught me to keep moving forward and focus on the positives in my life. Despite the constant disappointment and professional struggles, there was a lot to be grateful for. One of those things was the time to heal some health issues I didn’t even know I had because I had been non-stop traveling for years.

Our challenges often lead us to discovery and growth. Whether it be about running, or life, our struggles can be our greatest guide.

What inspires me now?

The final question is meant to reflect on what inspires you now. You may have run your 100th half marathon and can’t quite get your mojo going again to run another. This is the perfect time to write down three things you think you want to achieve in the new year and then let them percolate to see if they stick. Sometimes the ego can get involved when the goal-setting process happens, but a goal that truly motivates you, will do so today, and for days and weeks to come.

Write them down, post them on your fridge, and see if you’re still jazzed about it two weeks from now. If not, continue to seek out something that inspires you. Take your time. It may be weeks before something comes to you and that is okay. It may be that you run for fitness, and start biking, or a new yoga class, or train for a triathlon. Your inner half-marathoner will always be there. If you’re struggling to find inspiration, sometimes it can be more easily found without a goal.

Happy New Year

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