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Congratulations! You’re officially registered for Coach Jenny’s Holiday Challenge. The program officially begins on Monday, November 23rd and finishes on Sunday, January 1st. You’ll receive weekly emails with tips, recipes and Coach Jenny’s Holiday Gift Giveaway winner of the week!

Every Sunday or Monday, post your weekly mileage goal in the Private Facebook Group Page, on Twitter, or in the Blog Post comments section.

All activity counts. You can post the number of miles you’re going to run or walk. You can also post other non-mileage based activity like yoga, pilates, spinning, classes, strength training, and more.

If you run or walk, one mile of either, counts for one mile in the challenge. If you cross-train (ie. cycle, strength, swim, Zumba…) 10 minutes of cross-training = 1 mile running. So if you take a 60-minute yoga class, it counts for 6 miles.

Example Post: My goal for the week is 20 miles. I ran 4 miles today for 4/20 miles for the week.

Step 1: Join the Private Holiday Challenge Facebook Group

This is where you can post your weekly target goals and activity, and keep your motivation flowing with the accountability of the Challenge Nation.

Request to join the group here.

If you’re not on Facebook, no worries. You can post your miles on this blog post.

Step 2: Download the Holiday Challenge Tracking Sheet

You’ll use this hand sheet to set your weekly goals, track your weekly activity and stay on target.

Download the Holiday Challenge Tracking Sheet here.


Step 4: Relax, have fun and enjoy the holidays.

It’s important to remember the essence of the Holiday Challenge is about balance rather than about faster, stronger, higher… The key to staying active during the busy holiday season is to create a fresh plan every week based on your life schedule. That may mean more miles one week and fewer the next. Working with the flow of your life will keep you energized and motivated to keep moving through the new year. And if you have a rough week, you get to start all over again the next (without guilt).

The mission is to keep the momentum going during the toughest time of the year. It’s all about consistency.

If you have any questions, please email us at

In holiday joy and activity,

Coach Jenny and The Holiday Challenge Elves

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Need a little motivation to stick with your running and fitness routine? Join me in the Holiday Challenge! It’s a free, and easy way to stay fit during the busy holiday season!

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