The April Challenge

Are You Ready For Your Best Performance to Emerge?

Happy Spring, Challengers! We hope the sun is beginning to shine on you if you are headed into the warmer months like we are in the US. You’ll notice the color change in our logo, indicating that we’ve started a new quarter, and a new focus to build on your goal setting: IMPROVEMENT!

Over the next three months, we’ll be exploring different elements of training that focus on moving you forward – collectively, we are calling it the #BestPerformance Challenge.

Read on for:

  • Your first task in the #BestPerformance Challenge (your Mile Fitness Assessment) and a sneak peek at what’s ahead
  • The New Workout of the Season (#WOS)
  • Kudos on your performance last quarter in the #WinterOlympics, #Courage, and #Goals challenges, and for starting the #NationalParksChallenge (#NPC) off with a bang!
  • The Challenger of the Month
  • The Challenge 2018 Store
  • Facebook Group Etiquette

Coach Jenny talks you through the new focus for April and the new season. Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/QsehPOUnwIs

Your #BestPerformance Challenge

This quarter, as we focus on improving and building on our goals for the year, we will explore several elements of training. Some will be physical (i.e., tuning into our training paces, improving our mile fitness) and some will be lifestyle-based to support our training (i.e., sleep habits, decluttering our lives). Each time we introduce a new element, you’ll receive an email with some tips, activities, and tools to help you work that element into your life.

We are starting off with a One Mile Fitness Assessment. You’ll perform the assessment and make note of your starting point for the quarter. At the end of the quarter (June), after we’ve moved through the various elements, we will re-assess and see how we did.

Your goal for your Best Performance mile might be to increase your speed, move from walking to running, or just feel better when pushing yourself at a moderate pace – there is no right or wrong answer, it’s just about whatever improvement YOU want to make!

Download the Printable Mile Assessment Here.

Workout of the Season – Pre-Workout Warm-up

This quarter’s WOS is all about optimizing your performance with a Pre-Workout Warm-Up. This is a two-step warm up and it is guaranteed to help you run, walk and perform better in your workouts.

Step 1 of the WOS Pre-Workout Warm-Up begins with release work on the foam roller. This is a different approach than the normal foam roll exercise because it is specific to relaxing tight muscles. Learn how to perform Step 1 of the WOS by watching the video below.

Step 2 of the WOS Pre-Workout Warm-Up includes walking and dynamic exercises. To learn how to perform these exercises, watch the video below, or listen to the podcast and have Coach Jenny coach you through step 2.

This two-step Pre-Workout Warm-Up Routine will aid in releasing muscle tightness, improve muscle and joint range of motion, and prepare your body for the demands of the workout ahead.

Please note: if you are new to dynamic exercises, it is highly recommended to start with the following exercises for the first 3-4 weeks, then progress to trying all of them.

  • Knee Hug
  • Side Shuffle
  • Butt Kickers

Watch the video that explains Step 1 – Foam Roll Release HERE.

Watch the video that demonstrates Step 2 – Dynamic Warm-Up Exercises HERE.

Listen to the Dynamic Warm Up Podcast HERE.

High Fives on Goals Well Set!

From January through March, we accomplished so much, Challengers! Whether you participated in every event of the #WinterOlympics, created your #VisionBoard and your #Goals sheet, AND tackled the #Courage challenge, or chose one aspect of the Challenge to focus on, you took on a big task and you should be quite proud of yourself. These activities have set a base and a standard for you for the rest of the year, and we hope you will pull out your work and reflect on your goals throughout the year as we work together to reach them!

The #NationalParksChallenge (#NPC) continues throughout the year, and it is so much fun to see your progress with this consistency challenge and your patches! Keep earning those points (1 per day max!), collect more patches, and look forward to reaching a new Scout level for every 5 parks you complete. Haven’t started the #NPC? No problem! Get started now by clicking HERE.

Challenger of the Month – March

Congratulations to Stephanie Croswell-Mullin for being selected as our Challenger of the Month!

Stephanie bravely shared her #Courage journey, focused on the follow-through and fighting through making excuses to herself. Just like all of us, she continues to grow and we hope she will continue to embrace the victories she achieved this month!

Stephanie will receive a Challenger t-shirt and has chosen her local animal rescue, Foster Forest Wildlife Orphanage as her charity. We will be making a donation in her name.