Race Day Coach

RaceDayCoach Need some guidance too avoid burning out on race day? Or some inspiration to keep you motivated throughout the race?

Let Coach Jenny Hadfield, RunnersWorld.com columnist coach you through the Chicago Marathon. Powered by the PEAR iPhone app, the Race Day Coach workout will guide you mile after mile, giving you tips exactly when you need them – whether it’s early in the race to avoid going out too fast, form checks to assure you’re running efficiently, and mental strategies to keep you motivated and running strong through the end.

Plus, Coach Jenny will highlight interesting places along the course. It’s like having your own personal coach at your side helping you run your best marathon.

Here’s how to download the app to have Jenny coach you through the Chicago Marathon.

  1. Download the Pear Sports App on your smart phone (It’s free).
  2. Open the Pear App and set up your account (name, age…).
  3. Press “Workouts” on the App screen.
  4. Press “Plan Store” on the bottom of the screen.
  5. Press “Coach” and then press Jenny Hadfield (moi).
  6. Scroll through my audio workouts until you see the “Race Day Coach – Chicago Marathon.”
  7. Press one and then hit “get this.”RDC
  8. It’s that simple, free and an effective way to get coached during the Chicago Marathon.
  9. You can set it up to listen to your music along the way too!

Learn more about the Race Day Coach App here.