Challenge 2017: June

Happy June Challengers!

We’re approaching the end of the first half of the year and it is the perfect time to refocus, refresh, and reboot our goals with this month’s Healthy Habit. We’re also moving to the lighter side and reaping the benefits of going easy. And that’s not all: We’re having some fun with this month’s #ScavengerHunt Challenge.

This Month’s Hashtags:




Strap on your shoes Challengers. It’s going to be another fun month! Keep reading to find:

The Challenger of the Month
Fitness Challenge: #ScavengerHunt
The WOM: #GoEasy
Healthy Habit Focus: #RefreshGoals
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The Facebook Group Etiquette
Challenge Nation, you rocked the #Courage Challenge in May! You shared your fears, posted with courage, and supported each other through it all.

It was impossible to select just one Challenger, so we put all the names of Challengers that used the hashtag into a hat, and picked one randomly.

High fives to Challenger of the month,
Sarah Tietsort! Thank you all for opening your hearts to the Challenge Nation.
The #ScavengerHunt is a fun challenge where you find as many items on the list below while under human power (on your run, hike, bike, skate, walk, slip n slide…you get the point).

There are four simple steps to the #ScavengerHunt Challenge:

Print off the list below.
Hunt for one item during your outdoor workouts this month (one per day limit). When you find all ten items, start again!
Post a picture of the item in the Challenge group using the hashtag #ScavengerHunt with the name of the item.
Every time you post an item using the hashtag, your name will be entered into a raffle to win a cool pair of Smith Pivlock Asana Sunglasses!
The #ScavengerHunt Challenge List

-Your Country’s Flag
-New Life – Animal or Plant
-Water (ocean, lake, stream, puddle…)
-A Statue
-Something Purple
-1950’s Vintage Car
– License Plates with the Letters “C-H-A-L-L-E-N-G-E” (You will need more than one pic for this one.)
-Something Shaped Like the Letter Y

We’ve run at tempo, finished faster, done strength, run hills…and this month (wait for it) we’re going easy. One of the greatest improvements I see in runners and athletes is when they actually run, cycle, swim, etc. Their planned easy days as a truly easy effort. You boost your aerobic system, burn fat, lessen the stress on your body, and most importantly, your body can more easily recover so you can push hard and improve.

Read the email at the following link to learn more about the WOM:
Reflect, Refresh, Reboot

Goals are made to be achieved.

We’re approaching the end of the first half of the year and it is the perfect time to reflect on our goals, refresh our plan, and reboot our motivation. Many of you were in last year’s Challenge and we created a #VisionBoardand a path to reaching our goals for the year. You can learn more about how to do so here.

This month, let’s take a look at your board and goals and see if you’re on track with your vision for the year. Pat yourself on the back for the areas you’ve achieved, set a fresh strategy for the ones that you haven’t, and refocus the areas that aren’t speaking to you.

Putting your vision down on paper is the first step.
Creating a strategy to achieve these goals is step two.
Repeating tasks consistently and tracking progress will help develop momentum.

Reflecting on what helped or hindered your journey will help you grow. Refreshing your goals will make room for new goals that speak to you. Rebooting your focus will create a renewed energy and motivation to reach your goals. Take time this month to look at your Vision Board, or create one, and set yourself up for a motivating second half of the year!
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Our mission is to keep this group inspiring, fun, informational, and supportive. We’ve set a few ground rules for the Challenge 2017 Group Etiquette in order to keep this community a pleasant one to be a part of, and to retain the value the members feel it provides.

In this group PLEASE DO:
Introduce yourself to the group.
Post your goals and workouts.
Support other Challengers with positive comments and likes.
Join in the discussions if you want.
Have a training related question for Coach Jenny? Post it in the comments of the pinned post.
Share running, walking, activity, experiences and pictures.
Have fun and create active friendships.

In this group PLEASE DO NOT:
Spam the group with promotions for events, programs, training, religious or political posts.
Post blogs promoting personal benefit. Articles and blogs that are related to health and fitness are okay.
Refrain from soliciting medical advice and from providing coaching advice. It is fine to share your experience, but please avoid giving this type of advice.
Troll the group, message group members with spam, products or personal messages, or add or invite members into your personal or professional group.
Sell outside services or products.
Discuss politics or religion.
Solicit or post about donations or anything else for fundraising, social profiles, programs.
Post judgmental, critical, or shaming comments on Challengers posts.
Although this may sound harsh, we are all about keeping the flow of communication fun, easy, and inspiring. We hate banning people, but spammers and chronic rule-breakers will be banned.