The March Challenge

Welcome to March – in like a lion, and out like a lamb!

We have arrived at the last month of the first quarter, and a great time to take a moment to check back in with all of those #Goals we’ve been working on. We should heartily celebrate our successes while acknowledging where we need to give ourselves a little more attention. In that spirit, we’re going to tame fears this month with our #Courage challenge!

Read on for:

  • The #Courage Challenge
  • A check-in on your #WinterOlympics as we head into month 2!
  • The Challenger of the Month
  • The latest episode of The Coach Jenny Show
  • The Challenge 2018 Store
  • Facebook Group Etiquette

#Courage: The power to tame our fears

Now that we’ve been working on developing healthy habits and committing to our goals for 2018, you may have noticed a few areas where you feel a little stuck. As we finish out the quarter, let’s each turn our attention to a specific, personal fear and see if we can take steps closer to conquering it.

Whether big or small, taming your fear will allow you to be the healthiest version of you. Here are four steps to help you on your journey and a journal to guide you along the way.

  • Embrace It. Make a list of your fears and identify what you want to work on this month. It can be useful to make notes when you’re feeling fear to identify your focus and start with something small. I focused on mountain biking because it was really important to me, and a trauma I wanted to heal.
  • Own It. Why are you afraid? What events, people, words, things, or situations cause this fear? Where does it come from? When does it seem to crop up? How does it make you feel?
  • Share It. Part of the healing process in facing our fears is understanding we’re not alone. Everyone has fears. Find a safe person, group, or therapist to share your fear to begin the process of reducing the power of your fear.
  • Tame It. Make a “fear ladder,” or a list of action items you can take to tame your fear. Categorize them from least to most scary and start with small steps.
  • Learn From It. Track your journey and take note of the lessons and insights you learn along the way. Every insight will be a guide that leads you to taking your fear.

We’ve created a journal prompt page for you to help you along your way to taming your fear this month. Feel free to share your journey in the Facebook group using the hashtag #Courage this month if you’d like some support and encouragement – but don’t feel that you have to if your journey is more personal.

Download the #Courage Journal Page Here

Download the editable #Courage Journal Page Here

#WinterOlympics Month 2 begins!

CONGRATULATIONS to all who participated in our #OpeningCeremonies Virtual Race to benefit the Special Olympics! We enjoyed seeing your pictures and all of the creative ways you were able to get your 5k races completed.

As we move into Month 2 of the #WinterOlympics challenge, it may be a good time to look at your tracking pages and see which events you are excelling at, and which ones you’d like to recommit to for the second half. Adjust your medal #goals as needed and take heart that you still have 4 weeks to incorporate the healthy habits you are most eager to make second nature!

Challenger of the Month – February

Congratulations to Lisa Keller for being our February Challenger of the Month!

Lisa has been dealing with an injury this month, but hasn’t let that dampen her spirit! Her encouragement to many others in the comments of their posts and her positive attitude during her recovery embody the spirit of the Challenge program and we are happy to have her in our midst.

Lisa will receive a Challenge 2018 technical shirt. Also, the donation to the Special Olympics in honor of our Opening Ceremonies Virtual 5k will be made in her name!

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