The February Challenge

1 Month Down, 11 More Chances for Progress!

What a month we’ve had, Challengers! From goal setting to visiting National Parks, and getting moving with our Workout of the Season, you’ve all found ways to embrace the Challenge program and you are making it your own.

In this email:

  • Introducing the Winter Olympics Challenge!
  • The Opening Ceremonies Virtual 5K
  • The January Spirit Award Winner
  • Checking in on your goals, National Parks, and WOS progress
  • The latest episode of The Coach Jenny Show
  • The Challenge 2018 Store
  • Facebook group etiquette

The #WinterOlympics Challenge

Continuing with our foundation building this quarter, we will kick off the #WinterOlympics on Feb 1! The Olympics Challenges are traditionally a favorite of Challenge Nation, and a fun way to form or improve healthy habits that enhance our training and our overall wellness.

How it works:

Download and/or print one of the trackers below (there is a printable and a digital version). You will see a list of tasks (“events”!) such as “Earn 10,000 steps” and “Eat at least 1 portion of veggies”. The goal is to perform these tasks a certain number of days in order to earn “medals” in each event! You’ll see on the tracker how many days you have to complete each task in order to earn a Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal.

The #WinterOlympics Challenge will run for 2 months – February AND March – so you will have plenty of time to try and make these habits stick. You can make this your own – perhaps you will choose to focus on just 2-3 events, or perhaps you will attempt to go for Gold in all of them and win the Decathlon! Whatever you decide, the goal as always is PROGRESS, not perfection. Feel free to share your progress in the private Facebook group using the hashtag #WinterOlympics!

Download the Printable Tracker
Download the Digital Tracker

The #OpeningCeremonies Virtual 5K

To celebrate our Olympic journey, we will have our first Virtual Race of the year on February 9 – the day of the real #OpeningCeremonies of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang! Run or walk a 5k (either on your own course or in tandem with a local 5k you are already participating in) wearing our downloadable bib (below). If you are active in our Facebook group, post pictures of your race using the hashtag #OpeningCeremonies!

Download the #OpeningCeremonies Virtual Race Bib here.

Our Virtual Race will benefit the Special Olympics. Your entry fee to Challenge 2018 covers your donation. Read more about the Special Olympics here.

Challenger of the Month – January

Congratulations to Joe Leggio for winning the first Challenger of the Month award for the month of January!

Joe has embraced every aspect of the Challenge in this start of the year, faithfully tracking his #NationalParksChallenge points, working on a #GoalMap, and giving encouragement and support to all of us.

Joe is the winner of a Challenge 2018 technical shirt and chose The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) for the charity donation that has been made in his name. Well done, Joe!

January Check-In
As we move into the next month of the first quarter, how are you doing with your #GoalMap? Have you logged your first National Park yet? Maybe you have been meaning to check out the Workout of the Season? All of the Challenge elements will continue to be available to you both on the Challenge 2018 Membership site AND in the Files Section of the private Facebook page. Feel free to continue working all of the challenges that speak to you into your routine!

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