October – #BINGO and WOS 4

October is here!

“There was a challenger, had a challenge, and BINGO was it’s name-o!”

That’s right, Challengers: It’s #BINGO time! We are going to have some fun this month mixing up your workouts with a bit of a scavenger hunt while you try to get #BINGO!

We also have a new Workout of the Season (#WOS) this month – an old favorite to revisit for some of our Challenge alums.

***Please keep an eye out for your mid-month email that will include your bib for our COSTUME CONTEST Virtual Race at the end of the month, and a sneak peak at our annual Holiday Challenge!

Keep reading to find:

  • The #BINGO Challenge
  • What you need to know about the Holiday Challenge (yay!)
  • The 4th and final Workout of the Season #WOS
  • September Challenger of the Month
  • #NPC Finishers!
  • The Challenge 2018 Store
  • Facebook Group Etiquette

Post your progress with #BINGO, the Workout of the Season (#WOS), the #NPC and any of your other training adventures in our private Facebook group for a chance to earn some high fives, support, and win a gift certificate to the Challenge Store!



You all know how to play BINGO, right? You have to get five in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. That’s what you’ll be doing this month with our super special Challenger BINGO cards!

How it works: Download the BINGO CARD below. When you complete a task in one of the boxes, cross it off (or place a sticker on it, color it in, whatever you like). **You may only earn one square per day.**

If you get BINGO quickly, keep trying to fill in more squares and get more BINGOs! Spoiler alert: We’ll give you a second card mid-month if you need more of a challenge!

When you get a BINGO, use the hashtag #BINGO and post on the Facebook page – you’ll be entered to win the Challenger of the Month prize!

Use the hashtag #BINGO in the Challenge 2018 Facebook group to keep the conversation going!

Download the BINGO card below and let’s get this Bingo Game started!



The Holiday Challenge is Coming!

Can you believe it? November is next month, and with that comes our annual Holiday Challenge! We always love this time of year, as it is where the Challenge got it’s start – it’s like a homecoming! Weekly focuses, giveaways, and lots of making merry are what we are all about in November and December.

Here’s the great news: YOU ARE ALEADY ENROLLED IN THE HOLIDAY CHALLENGE! As a 2018 Challenger, the Holiday Challenge is part of your package and you do not have to do anything!

We want to let you know now since we are promoting the Holiday Challenge this month, and we don’t want you to think it is a separate group. Starting November 1, you will see some new faces as new challengers join us for the last two months of the year!


Workout of the Season (#WOS): The Charlie Tree!

Good ol’ Charlie Brown. As we move towards the holiday season in our last quarter of the 2018 Challenge, we wanted to bring back Charlie’s small but mighty Christmas tree before we even see the Great Pumpkin because it’s such a simple but effective workout!

This strength workout that counts down reps as you work your way through it. Perform it straight through 1-2 times, 2-3 times per week post run/walk/cardio to see results!

Let us know how you like the #WOS using the hashtag #WOS in the Facebook group!
Download the Charlie Tree Challenge


Congratulations to our Park Rangers!

The National Park Challenge has been the backbone of Challenge 2018. Designed to keep our movement consistent and to encourage us to get 30 minutes of activity in on more days than not, it’s been life-changing in it’s simplicity!

Remember – it’s not a race, so celebrate those who have managed to finish but don’t be discouraged! You still have 3 months to collect as many badges as you can!

Congratulations to our next batch of finishers (in alphabetical order by first name, through Sept 27):

Barbie Levine
Beth Paul
Beth Strickland
Cindi Hammer
Darlene Goltz
Dawn Weed
Diana Dickinson
Geannine LeBude
Iris Koller
Jean Nichols
Jodi Friedman
Kathy McHone
Kim Prytherch
Kimberly Roach
Laura Royle
Linda Scott
Lorraine Benedict
Maryellen Reimers
Natalie Plummer
Rosemary Moore
Sandie Cano
Sarah Tietsort
Sharon Gmutza
Sheryl Walsh

And a special shout-out to our #NPC Ambassador, Fran Libasci, who has followed our progress along the way as our best cheerleader!

STILL ON THE QUEST TO BE A PARK RANGER? Use the hashtag #NPC in your posts so we can give you high fives and encouragement!


September Challenger of the Month

Congratulations to Jill Adelson, our September Challenger of the Month!

Jill embraced the #Reboot challenge in all areas of her life, including her training, her health, and her home life. She used the mental shift techniques to get her through a 15k race (a 5k/10k challenge!) and finished strong mentally and physically. We wish her lots of luck as she continues to pursue her life and training goals!

Maria has chosen ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) as her charity, and a donation has been made in her name.

WANT TO BE OUR CHALLENGER OF THE MONTH? Use the hashtags #BINGO and/or #WOS in your posts for the month of September to be considered!

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Want to show the world that you are a Challenger? Check out our selection of One More Mile products featuring both the Challenge 2018 and National Parks Challenge logos!

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Facebook Group Rules

Our mission is to keep this group inspiring, fun, informational and supportive. We’ve set a few ground rules for Holiday Challenge Group Etiquette in order to keep this community a pleasant one to be a part of and to retain the value the members feel it provides.

In this group PLEASE DO:

  • Introduce yourself to the group.
  • Post your goals and workouts.
  • Support other Challengers with positive comments and likes.
  • Join in the discussions if you want.
  • Have a training related question for Coach Jenny? Post it in the comments of the pinned post.
  • Share running, walking and activity experiences and pictures.
  • Have fun and create active friendships.

In this group PLEASE DO NOT:

  • Spam the group with promotions for events, programs, training, religious or political posts.
  • Post blogs promoting personal benefit. Articles and blogs that are related to health and fitness are okay.
  • Refrain from soliciting medical advice and from providing coaching advice. It is fine to share your experience, but please avoid giving this type of advice.
  • Troll the group, message group members with spam, products or personal messages or add or invite members into your personal or professional group.
  • Sell or promote outside services or products.
  • Discuss politics or religion.
  • Solicit donations or anything else for your fundraiser, social profiles, programs.
  • Post judgemental, critical, or shaming comments on Challengers posts.

Although this may sound harsh, we are all about keeping the flow of communication fun, easy, and inspiring. We hate banning people, but spammers and chronic rule-breakers will be banned. If you have a question about whether or not to post something, please send a direct private message to Jenny or Andi. Thank you – we look forward to connecting with you.