#GoalMap Tools and Explanation

We’re Midway Through Month One!

We are moving right long, Challengers! January is the time when we focus on developing the foundation from which we will rock our goals the rest of the year. We’ve focused on our visions, and now it’s time to set our strategy for making them happen.

Read on for:

  • How to create your #GoalMap for 2018 (based on your Vision Board!)
  • Checking in on our #NationalParksChallenge and #EatWell challenges
  • A look at what’s coming next for Winter 2018!
  • The Challenge Store is Open!

What’s New: #GoalMap

We’ve been talking about #Goals and our Vision Boards this month, setting intentions and giving ourselves a space to dream and imagine what our year could look like. Now, let’s take some of those intentions and make a practical plan to achieve them by creating a #GoalMap.

As you’ll see in the file below, Start by putting your three main goals in the top, larger boxes, then break each goal down into strategies you want to employ to achieve that goal. As you complete a strategy, color in the box or give yourself a gold star to show your progress! You can add as many strategies as you’d like, or even draw your own extra boxes and break it down further – whatever works for you!

If you feel comfortable, share your #GoalMap in our private Facebook group so we can cheer you on and share ideas.

Click here for the #GoalMap instruction sheet, including an example.

Click here to download a Blank Goal Map that you can print out and fill in.

Click here to download a word document you can fill in digitally.