3 Steps for Getting Started in The Challenge

Happy New Year – Let’s get this Challenge 2018 started!

Welcome to CHALLENGE 2018!

The Challenge 2018 officially begins tomorrow. You will receive another email with all the details next.

This email contains the steps for getting started in The Challenge:

  • How to assure your receive the monthly emails and information
  • How to join the private Challenge 2018 Facebook Group
  • How to set up your Challenge Membership account

Step 1: Add Us to Your Email Contact List

In order to receive the emails, please make sure to add coach@jennyhadfield.com email into your email address (contact) book to assure it ends up in your inbox versus your spam folder. If you use gmail, our emails may first show up in the “Promotions” folder, a which point you can move them to your “Primary” folder. We will send 1-2 emails per month, with exception to this month, where we will send a few more (especially this week) as we get settled in the group.

Step 2: Join The Challenge Nation Facebook Group

This is where you can post your activity, keep your motivation flowing with the accountability of the Challenge Nation, ask questions and stay in touch with what’s happening with the program. Please note, we will start confirming Challengers into the Challenge 2018 Facebook group on December 31st before midnight. Once you’re in, make yourself at home and introduce yourself if you wish. Some folks post, some read, either is perfectly fine.

If you haven’t done so already, ask to join the Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2018Challenge/

Step 3: How to Access The Challenge 2018 Membership Site

Please note: The Challenge 2018 Membership Site is now open. The National Parks Challenge page which is within the Membership Site will officially open and begin Friday, January 5th.

Your Membership Site Account was set up when you registered for The Challenge 2018. This site is where you will find all the monthly challenges (one month at a time), where you’ll download the National Parks Challenge (NPC) Tracker Sheets and submit your points, you can see the NPC rankings, and have access to over 30 Coach Jenny training plans, how to videos, webinars and more.

We highly recommend bookmarking The Challenge 2018 Membership Site URL in your browser so it is easy to find. To access the Challenge 2018 Membership site, go to the following link and enter your login information that was created at registeration: https://www.jennyhadfield.com/challenge-2018-membership-site/

[VIDEO] Watch this short video on how to login and access the Challenge 2018 Membership site. https://youtu.be/kedd5b2OHt4
The next email you will receive details the January Challenge, The National Parks Challenge, and more. Please make sure to add the following email to your contacts (coach@jennyhadfield.com) so that you will receive it in your inbox rather than your spam box.
Thank you for joining The Challenge 2018 It’s going to be an amazing year together!
Happy New Year!
Coach Jenny Hadfield and The Challenge Ambassadors
Challenge 2018 – One Step. One Breath. One Mile at a Time.