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Need a little motivation to stick with your running and fitness routine during the busy holiday season?

Join The Holiday Challenge!

November 4 – January 1, 2020

It’s an eight-week motivational program and an easy, low-stress way to stay fit (or get fit) during the busy holiday season and connect with other like-minded runners and walkers for accountability and support.

Finish the Year Healthy and Fit!

Set yourself up for success this season with the accountability of a supportive, fun group of people. You’ll stay motivated all season with our inspiring weekly emails that include healthy recipes, tips for staying active, and weekly challenges. Plus! Every mode of activity counts (run, walk, cycle, elliptical, yoga, strength, swim, hike, row, dance…)

Register for $15 and Receive:

  • 8 Weeks Participation in the Holiday Challenge
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group
  • The Holiday Challenge Log
  • Weekly Nutrition, Health, and Fitness Mini-Challenges
  • Entry Into Two Holiday Themed Virtual Races
  • Accountability, Support and Holiday Cheer in the Challenge Nation
  • Discounted Entry Into the Challenge 365 Program in 2020
  • Merry Active Memories and Good Cheer

It’s easy to join the Holiday Challenge. Follow the steps below to confirm your spot in the program.

Step 1: Register for the Holiday Challenge

A confirmation email will be sent to you upon registering for the program.

Registration is open here

Step 2: Join the Private Facebook Group (Optional)

Upon registering, you’ll receive an email with a link to join the private Facebook group. Not on Facebook? You can post your activity in the comments section of this blog post.

In this group, you can post your weekly goals, get inspired by the posts, participate in the weekly challenges, and stay tuned in to the giveaways. You can also post in the comments feed of this post.

Step 3: Get Started

Download the easy to use Holiday Challenge Log, set your weekly goals, track your activity, and stay on target. As you run, walk, and get in your activity, post your miles in the Facebook group or below in the post feed comments section.

You’ll learn how to set your goals and track them in the confirmation email.



  • Kayne Smith says:

    My goal this week Nov 4-10 is 22 miles.

    • Great Kayne. How did the week go for you?

      • Kayne says:

        The week was great! Weather was good, new shoes are good, made my goal.
        Ran 8 miles Tues, 4 miles Thurs, 8 miles Sat and 6 miles Sun. Total 26 / 22.
        Week of Nov 11-17 goal is 26 miles with a fat blaster workout.

        • Kayne says:

          I made the goal for Nov 11-17 with 6 miles Monday, 6 miles Thurs, 11.5 miles Saturday and 5 miles Sunday for a total of 28.5 miles.
          This week Nov 18-24, goal is 24 miles.

          • Kayne says:

            I made the goal for Nov 18-24 with 25 miles. 8 on Wed, 9.5 on Sat and 7.5 Sun.
            This week, Nov 25-Dec 1, the goal is 22 miles and more mindful eating.

  • Renee says:

    My goal for week week of November 4th – 10th is to run 6 miles in addition to doing cross train workouts.

  • Kayne says:

    I ran 8 miles Tuesday and 4 miles today for 12/22 miles for the week.

  • Catherine says:

    I’m a little bit late for this week, but here we go. My goal for this week is to finish my first half marathon of this year. After a broken back in March and an appendectomy 8 weeks ago (I’m still a little bit jiggly) #Iamgrateful to be able to participate in this event that takes place next to the ocean.
    Monday – I ran 6.7
    Wednesday – I ran 3.7 miles
    Thursday – I did 40 minutes of Pilates strength and mobility (4 Miles) for a total of 14.4/27

  • Aaron says:

    This week was awash, everyone in the house had the flu!
    Already looking forward to next week, but keeping it simple as we come back from feeling sick.
    My goal for Nov 11-17 = 18 miles (3 short runs = 8; PT exercise everyday = 10)

  • Bev says:

    Since I am still recovering from a virus-sinus ‘thing’ I am setting up a couple of goals this week: 2 days of cardio-running; 5 days of jazz dancing; 1 day of rest.

  • Sharon says:

    My goal for the week is 15 miles ( 10 miles running, 30 min Fat B;aster and 40 min strength training).

  • Aaron says:

    Altered my goal this week (family still recovering from sickness). Goal was 18 and got in 18, but had to cut runs and do yoga, dancing w/ family, hiking w/ family etc. to do more low-key, family time exercise. Setting my sights realistic for an upcoming very busy work week with travel. Goal = 2 runs and other exercise for a total of 15.

  • Aaron says:

    Short bits of exercise last week, but everything was hard earned! (Three 12-14hr days in a row at work hosting a big event, two days traveling out of state to visit a parent in the hospital). Three runs, plus hikes and walks with family. 16 total. Phew!
    Goal for Thanksgiving week = 15 total again. Run on Thanksgiving morning plus at least one other run, rounding out the 15 with CT.

  • Kayne says:

    Thanksgiving week I was short of my goal of 22 miles. I did 20; 5 on Wed, walked 2.25 on Thurs and ran a half marathon on Sun.
    This week’s (Dec 2 – 8) goal is planks and 16 miles of running.

  • Kayne says:

    Dec 2-8 I missed my goal of 16 by 2 miles.
    This week’s goal is 20 miles and more planks.

  • Kayne says:

    Dec 9 – 15 I missed my goal of 20 by 4 miles. too much going on.
    This week’s Dec 16-22 goal is 20 miles.

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