7 Training Secrets Every Runner Should Know

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  • Dwight Moore says:

    Hello Ms.Jenny
    Sorry for the long Email:
    Question: I’m a male age 51, I always worked out and love running execise, well in the last five years,I stopped doing both because of my work and gain a good amount of weight and body fat. I realize this year 2012 in Feb when i had a pyshically and found out my weight #253 my docotor was very disappoint, I never been this heavy. I started back runing in mid March and doing a walk and run training at park with a 1.5 track.
    In August of 2012 I’m now running on this track doing 1lap and running 4x a day, however i only ablem to do 1lap and trirng to do another lap and have a hard time to get second breath. I would likie to get ready for a half marathron in Feb 2013 and this course has a good amount of hills. What advise can you provide for me just getting back to run again and to get the weight off.
    Thank You,Dwight

  • Lesley Caldwell says:

    Dear Coach Jenny –
    My knees are slightly rotated (knobby knees), and ache easily. I wear my shoes slightly on the outside. I am a smooth runner and believe that I need coushioning and stability in my running shoe, but am not sure, and don’t know what to pick. Your input would be greatly helpful.
    Many thanks in advance for your help.

    PS – I tried sending you this email through the Runners’ World website but was unable to submit this email

  • Deirdre says:

    The 7 Most Common Long Run Mistakes was such good information, both for newbies and long time runners that just need a reminder. Thank you! I am going to share it with my friends and family!

  • Ross says:

    I have ran one half marathon and I’m in the middle of training for my first marathon. The 7 most common long run mistakes is exactly what I needed to know! Thanks Coach!

  • I REALLY needed this! I am so hard on myself and even as a new runner (6 months) I expect too much from myself..this helped reel me in with the half-marathon training I'm doing right now. Thank you!

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