21 Holiday Gifts that Will Make Every Runner Smile

By November 23, 2013Jenny Hadfield Blog

Gifts that celebrate a runner’s passion continue to give for miles. Whether you’re shopping for the runner in your life or looking for ideas for your personal holiday wish list, this year’s holiday guide features gifts that help you perform better, inspire, recover and celebrate every runner. Happy holidays.


PEAR Sports – Fitness Training App for iPhone and Android – Real-Time Audio Coaching – $99.99 Save 30% with code (jennyholiday)

iOS Android mobile Unlike any other fitness product on the market, PEAR’s patent pending proprietary technology guides users step-by-step, and provides real-time audio coaching based on the user’s heart rate and desired fitness objective. What does this mean? Simply put: Strap on the bluetooth heart-rate monitor, pop in the included Stride headphones, do a simple 20 minute calibration so PEAR knows current fitness level.

Choose from hundreds of training plans and individual workouts (I’d recommend one of my Coach Jenny running workouts!) and hit start. A coach will audibly guide you through your workouts based on your body’s response to the workout! No more guessing, no more wondering if you’re training in the right zones… just workout, and a coach will tell you what to do. It’s as if I’m workout out right along side you!

And for $99 ($69 with the code), it’s cheaper than almost any tracking device on the market and provides so much more. You can’t go wrong here! SHOP HERE.

Brooks Adapt II Running Gloves $50

280230_483_f_ZM When a run takes a turn for the cold and misty, the easily stowed water-resistant windshield in this glove helps you adjust. Plus, ample reflectivity and a detachable LED light give piece of mind when light is low. These are my go-to winter gloves because they are packed with all the must-have functions for a winter runner’s gloves – detachable LED flashlight on right hand, lightweight, stowable windshield, retro-reflective detail, touchscreen-compatible finger pads and a terry towel on thumb. SHOP HERE.


AFX Foot and Ankle Strengthener $99

afx A personal trainer for your feet. Why is that important? Because with stronger feet and ankles, comes dramatic improvements in form, efficiency and the reduction of injuries. This is an absolute must-have tool (and perfect gift) for those who struggle with foot, leg and hip issues, those who are transitioning to less shoe (minimalist) and anyone who wants to improve their form authentically. SHOP HERE.


Skirt Sports Ice Queen Ultra Skirt $135

SkirtSports They had me at “Queen,” this dynamic cold weather skirt-tight duo keeps my back side warm even on the coldest Chicago winter mornings and keeps me in style for my post run breakfast ritual with the girls. Added bennies include windproof, water-resistant panels in the skirt and leggings to block the cold wind, two convenient pockets on the leggings, one on the skirt, reflectivity on the zippers and a secret drawcord to cinch a customizable inseam length! SHOP HERE.


NextDesk – The Future of the Desk $897

nd-terra-light The desk as we know it has been re-invented. NextDesk is elegant, sustainable, and adjustable. Simply push the soft touch button and watch the NextDesk glide seamlessly from standing to sitting so smoothly you won’t ripple your morning cup of Joe. With over 200 possible height positions it’s easy to find the perfect ergonomic working position. Standing just 15 minutes per hour has been shown to improve posture, energy, metabolism and creativity (and reduce aches and pains related to sitting for long periods of time). And it’s a work of art. Made in the U.S.A. from sustainable materials, choose from three colors of natural bamboo or recycled aluminum, and a variety of shapes and sizes. A powerful work tool to improve your life performance. SHOP HERE.

DeLorme inReach SE $299

inreachse_m01 The gadget for the adventure runner. It’s part GPS, part app, part Satellite communicator, and incredibly easy to use. I used it while running Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon. I used the mapping app that is synced to my iPhone to navigate the trail, I used it to text my crew for planning our celebration dinner, and posted my location and progress on Twitter and Facebook along the way. It’s a must-have device for those that wander off the beaten path. Someone will always know where you are, even if you don’t. SHOP HERE.




Remi Glass Tea Mug with Stainless Steel Indfuser $19.95

shopping A Teavana exclusive, this mug houses a stainless steel tea infuser wrapped with a colorful green silicone band which helps to keep the edges cool for easy removal after brewing. This cup is made of borosilicate glass which is stronger and more heat resistant than traditional glassware, while still appearing light and airy. Holds 14oz (414mL) of tea. Dishwasher safe. Include a sample of Teavana Loose Leaf White Tea to make this gift extra special. SHOP HERE.


Zents Holiday Gift $46

ZENTS Ore Holiday Set A citrusy top note of bergamot, heady heart notes of orris, violet, and jasmine, and deep base notes of bay laurel, clove, and black pepper make this sexy and intoxicating scent perfect for your wild side. Zents products are made with the purest of ingredients from around the world and free from parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl/eth sulfate, propylene glycol, or dyes and cruelty free. The clean theme inspired me to try Zents products, but the warm, intoxicating scents keeps me using them daily. The Zents line includes soap, lotion, body oil, perfume, shampoo and conditioner and bath salts. SHOP HERE.

Picky Bars – Three Bars/$9

picky_bars_website_logo You’re only as strong as the quality of your recovery and nutrition is a core element in healing. Enter Picky Bars. By far the most tasty, clean and healthy bar I’ve ever eaten. Made by professional athletes Lauren Fleshman, Stephanie Rothstein and Jesse Thomas for athletes that want to eat goodness with great taste. They currently are made in three flavors; Lauren’s Mega Nuts, All In Almond and Nutless Wonder. Gluten free. Dairy free. Real food. Natural energy. You will taste their passion in every bite. SHOP HERE.


NormaTech Recovery System $1,750 (Special Holiday Sale $1595 includes shipping through December 31, 2013)

243201L Train harder. Recover faster. Perform better. Enhance your everyday recovery and take your performance to the next level with the NormaTech Recovery System. Originally developed for medical use, NormaTech is a pneumatic compression device that applies dynamic compression that simulates the body’s normal physiological system. The system comes with a pair of soft boots that attach to a small generator pump via tubes that force air into the boots. The unique and customizable compression reduces post training or race swelling and improves circulation leading to faster, more efficient recovery – all while the athlete reads, work or relaxes on the couch. It’s also fantastic for post travel recovery. SHOP HERE.


Olivita Virgin Olive Citrus Hand Wash $12.99

liquidsoap1-370x370 A luxurious hand care product packed with love. Olivita is made with a natural olive oil blend to clean and moisturize without parabens, detergents, sulfates or frangrances. It feels as good as it sounds and smells even better. Bonus points > each Olivita product is hand packed lovingly by single young mothers who attend evening classes to pursue their dreams and happiness. SHOP HERE.





The Aqua Zinger $25.99

aquazing-sp-blue The Aqua Zinger infuses citrus, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, mint, and more into your water – making vitamin enriched and great tasting water – naturally. Mix and match and get creative with your water recipes – it’s amazing how a few strawberries can enhance the flavor of water! I was shocked at how much I loved it and continue to play with water recipes. It reminds me to hydrate during the day and allows me to be creative along the way. Also available: CitrusZinger, VodkaZinger and SaladZinger. SHOP HERE.

Life Sitting Gift Certificate [Free!]

This is the perfect gift if you’re on a strict budget but want to support the busy running parent, caregiver, animal lover in your life. Give the gift of time and babysit for their loved ones so they can run, train or travel to a race. It costs nothing but time and they’ll remember it for a lifetime.

The GRID Mini Foam Roller $24.99

GRID-Mini-Multiple-Large They had me at “mini.” It’s no secret I’m a fan of the Grid Foam Roller and the Mini makes foam rolling easier on the road. It has all the bennies of the standard size Grid, but comes in a compact size perfect for travel. Featuring three Foam Density Zones, it provides a unique targeted massage to increase circulation and help maintain flexibility. At 5″ tall by 5.5″ diameter, The GRID™ Mini attaches to any gym bag, backpack, or can easily fit inside your suitcase. Shop here.


Personal Savers $12.95

combo_package_main_store Give the gift of safety with the portable answer to pepper spray. The Personal Savers Wrist Saver was created by professional inline skaters after having several run-in’s with aggressors on their training workouts. The minute you strap it on your wrist, you know it was made by an athlete. It’s light, easy and comfortable to wear. I never leave home without it.


Yaktrax $40

run I wore Yaktrax in the Antarctica Marathon and through many Chicago winters and they continue to keep me vertical, on my feet and improve my form and confidence on wintery runs! They are lightweight and easy to put over your running shoes and a must-have piece of gear for safe winter running.



Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle $22.99

lifefactory_22oz_raspstraw_lg_matte_392_500_matte_160_200 The perfect choice for those who are looking for clean alternatives in their health. This is my go-to water bottle in my office, on the go and in my yoga practice. Healthy and responsible, Lifefactory bottles are BPA-free, dishwasher safe, comes in a variety of cute colors and has survived several accidental drops. They are available with a narrow mouth Flip Cap, wide mouth Classic Cap and a new straw cap. SHOP HERE.




Go Motion Lites $49.95

00_CoreLite Looking for a comfortable lite for your dark runs, ultra races or relay events? Look no further. GoMotion Light with CoreBeam technology is a body mounted light source and incorporates a high output, low profile LED with multiple functions including adjustable beam angle, wide ranging beam width control, and three brightness levels. GoMotion lights are attached to performance packs, vests and belts and made of breathable mesh and high-tech fabrics for comfort, stability and flexibility. SHOP HERE.

GoPro Hero $199

white-edition-holiday-c371fac33205141de9d72e3729ba866f Whether you’re hitting the scenic trails in a national park or running on the Vegas strip, the GoPro Hero (and optional chest strap) allows you to easily shoot HD video and 11 megapixel photos at a rate of 10 pics per second. The most versatile camera in the world, GoPro offers a line of wearable and gear-mountable cameras and accessories which made it easy for me to shoot and run on the Rim to Rim Trail in the Grand Canyon and along the highly technical terrain in the Inca Trail Marathon. It comes with a waterproof case, weighs next to nothing and allows for hands free shooting. If you’re into capturing the running memories – this is a must –have! SHOP HERE.

PowerCap – $29.99

tmb2_000070 They had me at LED…I have a small museum of headlamps that have lit my way through early morning runs in the dark, late night races and power outages. This clever device combines light with a stylish tech hat so you can wear your light in a lightweight easy to wear option. The hat sports wicking fabrics and a performance headband and there are four LEDs that provide more than 48 Lumens and concealed under the brim so it looks normal until you power it on! The LEDs are aimed forward to light up where you’re going up to 72 feet away and provide up to 68 hours of life. SHOP HERE.


Jewelry for Running Yogi’s – The ‘Om’ Medallion $50

279L_2 A calming yoga pendant reminds me to stay focused on my breath, my movement and my mat. Yoga continues to lead me to better places in my life and this pendant made by friend creative friend Denise is a way to celebrate your inner yogi. SHOP HERE.



Spa-Day Gift Certificate $50-$100

spafinder Accepted at over 20,000 spa and wellness locations worldwide. I’ve never met a runner that didn’t love a massage (or manicure or pedicure for that matter). It’s a gift that keeps on giving and both therapeutic and pampering. Deep tissue massage releases tension, improves circulation and enhances running performance. SpaFinder.com is a simple way to shop for a gift certificate they can use at most spa’s nationwide and for a variety of services. SHOP HERE.


Medal Hanger $40

My_Race_Bling This is a fabulous way to display race medals and create an artistic impression from every racing adventure. Pick one of the designs offered or create your own! Every race finish is a gift, and now you can celebrate them every day. SHOP HERE.



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