January 4 – March 28, 2021

12 Weeks of Training and Streaking

3 Virtual Races

1 Epic Winter Challenge to Jumpstart Your Year!

Winter Runner

Unleash your sweaty yeti

and Train, Streak, and Race

through the Winter Season!


What is the Winter Warrior Challenge?

It’s a 12-week Challenge designed to motivate you to train consistently (run, walk, spin, strength, yoga…) through the winter season. Our is to keep moving and training, and start the year on a positive note! Challenge yourself to get your miles in this winter, train for the Winter Warriors Race Series, and boost your workout consistency with the Winter Streak! You will train smarter and more consistently, and Coach Jenny and the Challenge Nation will support you every step of the way! Join the Winter Warriors Challenge (January – March), or join us for all four seasons in 2021!

There is something to bring out the Warrior in everyone…

The Winter Warrior Race Series
Three winter-themed races, one epic season! Stay on track in the new year with three races in three months. The Winter Warriors Race Series is part of the Challenge RUN21 Race Series and it will inspire you to run/walk for fun or for the win. With a variety of clever ways to win, everyone has a chance to win awards. With a target race every month and a variety of distances, you’ll train and maintain your racing mojo through the winter, develop a solid foundation of fitness, finish the races strong, and earn a cool medal!

The WW Race Series is designed to help you reach your goals! You’ll have access to a full library of Coach Jenny’s Training Plans, a training app to track and log your progress and you’ll follow a plan that’s right for you. You’ll assess your fitness from the start, set your goal, train smart, and improve your performance!

The Winter Warrior Streak
The Winter Warrior Streak is a fun and flexible challenge to keep your consistency strong during the winter season. The Streak is a simple format and tailored to your training goals. The goal is to perform Core Workouts each week. They can include any combination of cardio workouts (run, walk, cycle, row..). In addition, you’ll have the chance to dig a little deeper and earn Bonus Points with other activities tailored to optimize your training and performance. It’s a flexible take on typical streaking and one that will motivate you to train wisely and consistently, then recover and get stronger with every winter week!

The Winter Warrior Training Plans
You’ll have access to Coach Jenny’s full library of training plans and the training app to track and log your workouts and progress! Her library includes programs for walkers, walk-runners, run-walkers, and runners for distances from 5K to Marathon! The training plans are geared to the 12-Week Winter Warriors Race distances, and you can ask Coach Jenny questions all season in our Strava group, Facebook group, and for those that aren’t on social media, our new private member community group!

The Winter Warrior Workouts
You’ll have access to Coach Jenny’s warm-up, cool down, strength, and stretching workouts. The Winter Warriors Workouts complement the Training Plans and will teach you how to train safely and improve performance by including these accessory workouts in your regimen.

The Winter Warrior Focus
Along the way, the Winter Warrior Focus will provide tips from Coach Jenny on how to find the right training plan for success, training tools, race tips, how to improve performance, nutrition, and more! Plus, Coach Jenny will be with you every step of the way to answer your training questions
to achieve greatness in the new year. Every month the Focus will include a theme to improve life and training performance. You’ll learn how to optimize your health and fitness to improve life performance and succeed this year!

The Winter Warrior Challenge Includes

  • 12 Weeks of Motivation in the Winter Warrior Challenge
  • Three Virtual Races with a Variety of Distances
  • Virtual Race App for a Real Race Experience
  • Race Results and Finisher’s Certificate
  • Run, Run-Walk, and Walk Division Awards
  • Two Vision Quest Events to Assess Your Fitness
  • The Winter Warrior Streak Challenge
  • The Winter Warrior Streak Log
  • The Winter Warriors Workouts
  • The Winter Warrior Healthy Habits Focus
  • Unlimited Access to Coach Jenny’s Training App and Programs for the Duration of the Challenge
  • Nutrition, Health, and Training Tips from Coach Jenny
  • Opportunity to Train with The Challenge Nation Team and Train and Race Together Towards a Common Goal
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group
  • Access to the Challenge Strava Club
  • Access to the Challenge Private Member Community (Outside of Social Media)
  • Accountability, Motivation, and Support in the Challenge Nation
  • Winter Warriors Finisher’s Medal (Made in the USA) Shipping Included for USA
  • Inspiration to Set Goals, Train Hard, and Race Strong!


Join the Winter Warrior Challenge

or Join Us All Year Long!

The Challenge 365 Package includes Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall Challenges that will keep you motivated, training, and racing all year long! Every season, we launch a new Streak, a fresh race series, training plans, and more! As the seasons change, so too does our Challenge so we keep things fresh and fun all year!

“I am so glad my friend told me about Coach Jenny’s Challenge.

You guys are awesome.

I could not have accomplished what I have without the support of this group.”


“This group inspired me on so many different levels!

You kept me moving, you kept me sane, you kept me laughing, and you shared the love on so many levels.

What an amazing journey. The Holiday Challenge has become one of my favorite traditions.”


“I am officially done with the Holiday Challenge!

177.5 miles and 5 pounds down! See you all next year!”


“I am happy I had this group to keep me on track this year.

I met or exceeded my distance goal every week, something I wasn’t able to do last year.

I also incorporated more strength work, HIIT, and walking than I did last year.

So glad to have spent the year with you all!”


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