Challenge 2017: August


Welcome to August, Challengers! July brought out the cyclists in many of us, and I hope you enjoyed the #TourdeJuly as much as we did. If you are still working on the #Hydrate goal, or maybe thinking back to all of our challenges and goals this year and trying to incorporate them all, you are going to love this month’s challenge.

The much-loved #SummerOlympics Challenge is BACK and will be our combined Fitness Challenge and Healthy Habit this month, plus you’ll have a chance to boost your training with #Repeats in our Workout of the Month (#WOM).


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Jean Anderson

Congratulations to Jean Anderson for embracing the #TourdeJuly Challenge and earning a Beaker badge in July!

“I have to up my #tourdejuly badge to the Beaker badge. So far, I’ve gotten in 49 miles in spin class. My backpacking adventure has changed into a car camping, hiking, and biking trip. My friend and I are getting another section of the North Country trail in northern Wisconsin done. The bikes will be our shuttle back to the car after we hike a section of the trail.”

Post and Win: Use this month’s hashtags (#SummerOlympics and #Repeats) in the Challenge 2017 Facebook group this month, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win the Challenger Award and a $50 gift certificate to One More Mile.

Happy August and welcome to our next challenge – the #SummerOlympics Challenge! This month is all about finding your inner Olympian and earning gold, silver and bronze medals.

Simply download the Summer Olympics Challenge sheet at the link below and starting on August 1st complete one, two, or as many as the events as you want to earn bronze, silver, or gold medals this month.

If you’re up for an epic challenge, go for the “decathlon” and aim for a gold medal in all ten events! Keep track of your points by marking a check within each box when you complete the event each day. You’ll earn one point per day when you complete the event for the day. You can earn one point per event, per day.

Every event has a threshold of points to earn a bronze, silver or gold medal. For example, if you run or walk for 30 minutes for 17 days in August, you earn a gold medal for that event. Tally the total number of points at the end of the month to calculate your medals earned.

You have from August 1st through August 31st to complete the events. There are ten events and ten possible gold medals. There is a maximum of one point awarded for each event per day.

At the end of the month, simply take a picture of your completed sheet and post it in the group with the hashtag #SummerOlympics to be eligible to win a $50 One More Mile gift certificate.

Let the games begin! Click on link below to download and print the hard copy or use the digital version of the 2017 Summer Olympics Challenge Tracker.

POST IT: Post pictures and scenes from your medal earning activity all month with the hashtag #SummerOlympics.

Download here:









This month’s WOM – Workout of the Month is Mile Repeats. It is an effective way to build stamina, mental focus, target speed, and can help assess your fitness at this point in your training season. Mile Repeats are best run or walked on a solid base of running or walking fitness. If you don’t currently have a solid base or are injured, you can try these on a lower impact piece of cardio equipment, like the elliptical or bike. If your base is lower or you are coming back or on the mend, it is best to focus on building time in the yellow zone (aerobic, conversational effort) and try the repeats later this year.

There are many ways to train with mile repeats. This month’s workout is focused on running repeats at race effort to dial in your rhythm in smaller bites, and build your race-specific fitness.

WOM: Mile Repeats

  • Warm up: Walk for .10 to .25 mile to warm up. Start easy, and build to a brisk pace. Then run or walk at an easy Yellow Zone Effort for .75 mile.
  • Repeat 2-4 times: (Two times if you are new to speed work, and 3-4 times if you have a solid base of speed and mileage).
  • Run or Walk 1 mile at the top of Orange Zone 3 (tempo effort). This is an effort you could run for an hour.
  • Recover: Walk to catch your breath, then jog or walk very easy for .25 (including the walk).
  • Cool Down: Run or walk easy for .25, starting at a brisk pace and slowing to an easy walk.

Perform this workout once per week or every other week to build race specific pacing and fitness. It is best to start with flat terrain and then progress to race specific course terrain (if hilly). Keep track of the variables (terrain, weather, pace, heart rates) to monitor your progress and be mindful that this isn’t about going hard and fast, it’s about going at a consistent effort at a moderately challenging effort (top of your Orange Zone). You should be at an effort that feels just outside of your comfort zone, where you can talk in words, not sentences, and that you can run for up to an hour.

POST IT: Use the hashtag #Repeats in the Challenge 2017 Facebook group to share your experiences with these workouts!