Favorite Gear

I receive many questions about the gear and apparel I use.  Everything on this page I’ve personally tested, highly recommend and train with regularly.

Please note that some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means if you decide to purchase using my link, I may receive a referral fee.  Rest assured that this fee is not added on top of the price, in fact some of these links contain special discounts for my readers.


PEAR Sports Square One  Unlike any other heart rate monitor or training device, Pear Training Intelligence will guide you step by step throughout your workout, not only telling you when to speed up or slow down, but also providing useful tips, helping improve your form, explaining the purpose and benefits of the workout, and motivating you.

Pear offers hundreds of workouts, including half and full marathon training plans, 5K and 10K plans, workouts to help with weight loss, and more.  Learn More >


ElliptiGO no impact running and fantastically fun cross-training.  The world’s first elliptical bike!  The ElliptiGO is a new way to explore the roads at the intensity of running without the impact.  It’s a perfect activity for those who love the elliptical machine at the gym but want to get outside, for the injured runner who is looking for that running feeling, and for runners who understand the value of cross-training to improve performance.  Elite runners are riding it, I’m riding it and you will too once you try it.  It’s the most fun you can have cross-training!

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Grid Foam Roller for effective muscle release and increased mobility.  It’s no secret that I’m an advocate for the regular use of a foam roller for improved muscle function and the Grid raises the bar on the traditional foam roller.  The Grid goes the extra mile in allowing you to simulate massage-like benefits as well as deliver a serious core workout!  The Grid is a roller based on a grid system of varying widths and densities.  The GRID can be used from the comfort of your home, as part of your daily massage routine, or integrated into your running or walking workouts as an optimal core workout.  Learn how to use to the Foam Roller in this video.

Moji Palm portable self massage tool you can take anywhere.

Moji 360 I first learned about this incredibly smart massage tool after fast-packing the Rim-2-Rim.  My girlfriend had it on the table next to the celebratory wine and chocolate and the rest is history!  It comes in two convenient sizes – the palm fits in your purse and is a super convenient portable massage tool on the go.  The 360 offers endless ways to massage with more leverage to release tight muscles.  Why do I love this?  It’s super easy to use, it delivers a revolutionary massage via omni-directional stainless steel spheres to allow massage motion and release in 360 degrees to release the muscles from all directions and it feels pretty darn good.  I had a hard time putting it down…



AFX Foot and Ankle Strengthener a personal trainer for your feet.  Why is that important?  Because with stronger feet and ankles, comes dramatic improvements in form, efficiency and the reduction of injuries.  This is an absolute must-have tool for those who struggle with foot, leg and hip issues, those who are transitioning to less shoe (minimalist) and anyone who wants to improve their form authentically.

The AFX was created out of Chiropractor Jordan Myers’ frustration with the standard of care for foot and ankle strengthening.  Although Jordan was doing a lot of adjustments of feet and ankles, he knew that unless he addressed the epidemic issue of weakness and muscle imbalance, the patient would never be healthy.  Out of frustration came an easy to use strengthening tool that is cost-effective (about the cost of a pair of running shoes or one doctor’s visit).   Smart, functional and fun.  I’ve personally used the AFX in my transition back to very lightweight running shoes with great success.

Balance Pads  A great way to develop balance, stability and strength the Airex Pad provides a degree of instability to make your every day strengthening exercises more challenging.  It is also a great tool to perform barefoot exercises to develop strength from the ground up.

BOSU Balance and stability trainer.

Stability Ball


Nathan Hydration Vest a very comfortable way to carry a lot of fluid, fuel and goodies on your body.

Simple Hydration a super cool running water bottle.

Teatulia – Organic Tea  I fell in love with Teatulia loose-leaf teas while staying at the Red Mountain Spa before running Rim-2-Rim in the Grand Canyon this spring.  It has the stress-relieving qualities of a relaxing massage and every tea comes from a single organic garden in Northern Bangladesh’s Tetulia region.  The lemongrass is especially tasty as I make my way to consuming less caffeine in my daily life. Organic black tea, green tea, white tea and herbal teas.

NUUN Natural  A natural hydration strategy that provides electrolytes and vitamins without a long list of ingredients you can’t pronounce and added sugar or artificial sweeteners.  Simply drop a NUUN tablet into your water bottle or bladder system, add water and run.  It is lightly flavored (Goji Berry Green Tea, Cucumber Mint, Tangerine Ginger and Lemon Chai) and delivers 180 mg Sodium / 77 mg Potassium / 20 mg Magnesium.

Greater Than Sports Drink  Say good-bye to high fructose corn syrup and toxic coloring additives and hello to a new, natural performance drink.  How did they do it?  They took the goodness of coconut water and blended it with the science of sports drinks to meet the needs of active bodies for hydration, electrolytes and energy.

Picky Bars  A clean, simple and very tasty new bar created by professional athletes Lauren Fleshman, Stephanie Rothstein and Jesse Thomas.  Gluten free.  Dairy free. Real food.  Natural energy.  You will taste their passion in every bite.  Three flavors; Lauren’s Mega Nuts, All In Almond and Nutless Wonder.

Chocolate #9   I found this gel while researching healthy fueling options for hypoglycemic and diabetic runners.  Chocolate #9 is one the many new natural products on the market made by athletes for athletes and offers a clean fuel with natural ingredients in a low sugar package.  Plus, it’s not only tasty and chocolate flavored its made with organic agave, easy on the stomach, vegan, gluten free and has no refined sugars or high glycemic index sweeteners.

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Podrunner.com  Run to the beat of music and improve your running economy.   Podrunner music podcasts are non-stop, fixed-tempo music mixes for runners, walkers and cyclists.  Download a 175-181 beats per minute watch your pace improve and your heart rate drop!



Sport Bra’s for a great guide on how to find the right sports bra for you and great bra’s.

Compression Socks

Compression+Recovery Wear



Drymax  the perfect trail running sock for the warmer months.  The fit is like no other and Drymax socks have the extra protection where you need it.  No debris in my shoes, and unbelievable blister protection.  They also offer a variety of warm and cold weather socks for every running season.

Injinji  Also known as toe socks, they eliminate toe blisters from forming by providing a layer of material around each toe reducing the friction on the skin.  Injinji socks are also useful for flip flop fans! 



Half-Zip Top  Like the little black dress that goes with everything, every runner needs a highly functional a half-zip long sleeve technical top and this one delivers just that.  It’s lightweight, it wicks moisture away from the skin and is perfect for those “in-between” weather days.   Zip up on the cold days, and down when you get a little steamy.

Capri Tights  a comfy waist line, functional length, versatile for several seasons. A smart capri length running tight that fits well, and look even better.  The Inspire Crop is made of 4-way stretch power luxtreme™ for ‘no bounce’ muscle support and quick drying, wicking capabilities.  There is a back zipper pocket for storage of keys, cash or phone and a continuous drawcord that won’t come undone in the wash!

Versa Jacket  The Versa is quite possibly the most flattering, functional jacket I’ve ever worn.  It’s part jacket, part vest and pure value.  It’s the perfect jacket for transitional seasons as it easily converts into a vest using quick-release magnets – on the fly!  It is water and wind resistant and highly breathable.

Marmot Precip a super lightweight, waterproof and breathable shell.

Montane Featherlite Marathon Jacket  a high-tech, featherlite running jacket perfect for a variety of running needs.  It fits a girl’s natural curves (and dudes too) which allows it to breath and function optimally.  It’s windproof, water resistant, fits into a bag the size of an apple and has innovative venting panels under your pits to allow the hot air out and prevent the cold, wet air in.  I found this jacket highly useful for crisp, chilly runs and days where you need some weather protection from light rain or snow.  It’s also an amazing jacket for those that run “hot.”



Moji flexible icing on the go.

110% Play Harder wear post exercise to reduce swelling and speed recovery.

Zoot Recovery Sandal

Dragon Ice  Western herbs in a holistic, performance-enhancing product to lessen the discomfort of inflammation and relieve pain in the muscles and joints.  I used Dragon Ice before and after racing the three stages of the Trans Rockies Run3 and found it aided in warming up my tired muscles and  post race recovery.

Arctic Ease a reusable cooling wrap to reduce swelling and speed healing.



Personal Savers Pepper Spray a portable pepper spray that is revolutionizing the way you protect yourself while enjoying your favorite activities. It comes in three styles; the Wrist Saver for your runs, the Cycle Saver that clips onto your bars and the Personal Saver that clips onto your belt or car visor or you can use as a key chain.  [Use the code ‘CoachJenny’ to save 10%].

Jack Black Sunscreen

APALS AIR Reflective Adhesive LED Strips

Flashbrite Stick-On Reflective Patches

BodyGlide  the original anti-chafe balm just got better!  BODYGLIDE, the leader in preventing chafing has created a new technically advanced anti-friction skin lubricant called Liquified Powder. It comes in an easy to carry packet so you can carry it with you on the run and is has a refreshing minty feel!  It creates a smooth barrier against friction and moisture while allowing the skin to breath and feels dry to the touch!

NipEaze a discrete, breathable and sweat resistant protection from chafing on those long runs.  It also doubles as the perfect way to conceal under lightweight or tight fitted tops, bra’s, and t-shirts.



Dirty Girl Gaiters  a perfect accessory for any trail runner’s wardrobe.  Gaiters are made of Lycra spandex, fit like a sock and attach at the front and back of your shoe and keep the dirt and debris out of your shoe with style and class.  Created by ultra runner Chrissy Weiss, Dirty Girl Gaiters come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Pure Grit Shoes the most comfy, neutral and less-than trail shoes.

Black Diamond Three-Piece Folding Trekking Poles(Gender Specific)  My best kept secret for endurance trail events.  Whether you’re tackling a staged ultra race through the Rocky Mountains, a very hilly 50-miler, or looking for a phenomenal calorie-blasting workout, these poles will help you climb like a mountain goat, keep you upright and vertical and balance the impact forces over four legs = stronger legs for longer!  They’re lightweight, break down easily for travel and tailor made for women!



Yak Trax easy, light traction for snow covered roads.  I wore these in the Antarctica Marathon and they not only kept me vertical and on my feet, they improved my traction in the knee-deep snow!  They are lightweight and easy to put over your running shoes and a must-have piece of gear for safe winter running.

Marmot PreCip Shell Pants  The key to running on very cold days is to keep your legs warm and dry, especially on those bitterly cold, windy runs.  Layer up with running tights under a pair of these waterproof, windproof shell pants and create a layer of warm air to keep your muscles warm and dry.  No more frozen glutes on those long runs!



The GLO Bag – This ultimate gym backpack keeps everything separate, accessible and organized. It will stand or hang in most gym lockers and has three compartments; one that has ventilation for shoes, one for sweaty clothes or toiletries and one made of mesh for clean clothes. It carries easily with backpack straps and has a convenient cell phone pouch and water bottle holder. Hanging toiletry and wet bags included. Made by runners for runners. [Use the code ‘coachjenny’ in small caps for free shipping.]

Sporty Jewels   Every piece of jewelry has a story and the journey of these earrings [see link] began with the designer behind the bling.  “It all began when I broke my ankle and could not pursue my favorite sport of running, explained Sporty Jewels founder and designer, Denise Relke.  I took a silver smithing class and discovered how much I loved it. I created a running pendant for myself to remind me that I would be running again one day. The pendant gave me a great inspirational feeling. My running group all wanted one too. Soon, I came up with another design and then another and I discovered that creating designs that people were so enthusiastic about was wonderful.”  Fun, functional and inspiring bling that looks great too…What else does a girl need?

Medal Displays  a stylish way to honor your running achievements and display all those beautiful Women’s Running Half Marathon medals!  Pick one of the designs offered or create your own!  Every race finish is a gift, and now you can celebrate them daily in a very fun, artistic way.

GoPro  high quality video in a portable, easy to run with size.

Mile Stones  Commemorate your race and go green with these clever Mile Stones coasters made from your event bib numbers.  It’s a great way to make use of your race numbers and create meaningful gifts for your active friends!